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The Little Old Lady


It was a week before Christmas in the western suburbs of Sydney. I was in a news agency buying a lottery ticket. I was in a queue of around 5 people. The radio was on and the Christmas Carol "The little drummer boy " was playing. This Carol was my favourite, though I was a 27 year old man who was addicted to heroin and, though I didn't consider myself one, a criminal. I was actually waiting to meet my drug dealer and he was late so I decided to try my luck on the "scratchy " as we Aussies call scratch lottery tickets.

Anyway this Carol was sentimental to me. I remember as a young boy of 6,7 listening to the lyrics of the poor boy who wanted to give a gift to the baby Jesus and had nothing but his ability to play drums. I remember actually understanding the meaning of the story and being moved by it.

So I'm waiting in the queue and in my mind I sing the song and I had this exact thought. Literally

"What a beautiful song. It could bring a tear to your eye." I specifically remember the eye in the singular. Not eyes.

I buy the ticket and I'm outside the newsagent scratching the ticket when a little old lady looks at me and approaches.

"It's a beautiful song isn't it?" She asked in an Italian accent.

I replied yes

She looks at me directly and says "It could bring a tear to your eye " pointing at her right eye.

I was stunned and just nodded. She walked off and I thought about calling out to her and asking how she knew but I let it go.

She had a lovely aura about her. A good person.

She said the exact words that I thought.

Having tattoos covering my body and dressed the style I did I didn't have many people approach me. And why would a person comment to you about a Christmas Carol?

She had a smile on her face while saying this. Coincidence?

I regret not calling out to her as she walked away but maybe that would've spoiled the moment.

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