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I'm just going to tell my story. I don't know what you call my abilities, or exactly what is happening. My whole life strange things have happened in my life no one can explain. Let's just start with when I was a kid. My parents kind of freaked out because I come home and was talking bout playing with my granny Hawk. Only thing with this is I never knew my granny Hawk, and no one had taught me who she was. I knew details and things I could not known unless someone talked to me bout her. Then I would see shadows some didn't scare me and some did. My parents claimed that one night they kept hearing all this strange noises coming from my room, but when they walked in it was normal or silent. I had been having several things going on in my room at night that terrified me. From my bed shaking to seeing the shadows. From the time I was a kid I have always been able to meet someone and just instantly know if they were good, or bad people. I pick up on new places the same way with some kind of energy. It let's me feel certain ways on the place I am. Most times with this other people have come along with confirmation. That something was or was not up with the people or places.

Further down the road I actually started seeing somethings that felt evil. I always called them demons. I don't know for sure what or how I know this. See no ones ever told me I have any abilities. My entire life I just assumed everyone picked up on and saw the same things I have always saw. I lived in a house where everyone experienced a great evil there. From apparitions to knocks, things moved, things being switched on. Typical things I'm sure anyone with any paranormal experiences can understand. I wish I could have some help understanding things happening in my life because I have never come to terms with my gifts. I do feel gifted but I'm now 44 and if my life seemed like something going on in my younger years well last two it's really picked up.

I'm going to slow my role and name over few more things like dreams I have had. Later they would happen. I also get get feelings bout different things and learn of them happening or see them come to pass later. I have what most people call dejavu. I just naturally assumed everyone does this. Only recently I've found not

Everyone experiences these things when I thought they did. I have been married since I was 16 years old and the one time I should been able pick up on something I missed it. He had been cheating which yeah I even knew this couple times in our past that he was on the verge of cheating and stopped it. The last and final time I missed it, and my intuition I always had didn't help me. This time we broke up. So I'm not sure if now the things escalating is due to stress I have, or if it is due to me really being on a soul searching journey since I been single. Also couple times I have had feelings over my daughter once bout her leg that she had a blood clot and the doctors called me crazy, but almost two years later at age 20, my daughter lost her leg because of a blood clot. Five years down the line I dreamed my daughter was pregnant and asked her, and so she went bought tests confirmed her pregnancy. With her I seem to pick up on things quickly. Couple times I sensed real evil and had preachers confirm and pray demons out of couple churches because of this.

Now you guys have a little overview of my experiences and there a lot more just too many to name. Now the part I'm totally unsure what is happening now. Even though I don't know what my other gifts are in experiences I just spoke of. I do know I have always done these things. To a point a lot people think I'm crazy. Anyway two years ago I started seeing flashes in my head. I shut my eyes begin seeing like a movie only in super speed. The things I saw sometimes made sense other times they didn't. At the time I kept telling my family it's crazy but it's like it starts and sometimes I zoom in see different things. Other times I start close and zoom out. Only now I'm seeing faces and eyes and they change quickly. It's not so far anyone I know and they are doing random things. However some of them are intense and darker people and seem evil like. And I see things playing out but only here the last month are they clearing and slowing down enough I latch on to some details. Can anyone explain any of this? I'm not sure who they are. Or why I'm seeing this? Is this something normal people do. I have a lot times saw like I'm flying through a lot of colors. Especially blues and reds. Sometimes it's scaring me at the visions I'm having. I'm always on edge now because I don't know what's next or how to stop this or carry it on out. I have had a lot of physical side effects last two years too getting nauseous and vomiting. My legs buzz like electricity coming through and it does sometimes affect other body areas. I am having terrible headaches last month. I am actually getting worried what is happening to me. Sometimes I also can see things others are not in photos. I'm not sure even what they are looking at because of the things I'm picking up on clouds over their pictures. What I'm seeing is not what they are seeing. Anyone with advice on this is welcome to email me or comment to me because especially now I am desperate to either be able shut lthis off completely. Or finally find out exactly why I'm doing it all these things! Thanks for reading and look forward to help!

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Lyro (468 posts)
5 years ago (2019-01-05)
I haven't really seen much about them I'm afraid. My best guess it's a sign/warning that something is changing or going to happen. I had them quite a bit, then they kind of went away, now they are coming back again. I'm feeling them more in my arms/legs now. And I still get the cold feeling in my head. I haven't really seen anything on this site about them either, so I guess it's a special club we both belong to get aggravated about together. It would be cool if I knew more about it, or what it meant/was for, but random vibrations get annoying.
~ Lyro
sharel0508 (1 stories) (1 posts)
6 years ago (2018-08-15)
Thats exactly how mine feel too. Been doing pretty much 24/7 last six months. Yes not that they hurt just a aggravation. I don't know what or why I am doing this but I have researched and cannot find the right answer anywhere! At first like the visions and things I see or feel I believed others could feel these vibrations too but they do not. I will be sitting up close to others and wait bc I'm vibrating so bad to see if they mention feeling the vibrations. If you find any answers please let me know. Yes mine are all over but originally started on bottoms of my feet and where you have the cold feelings at times its like I am on fire!
Lyro (468 posts)
6 years ago (2018-08-15)
The Buzzing in your legs, would you describe it as vibrations? If so, I've felt the same thing especially more recently. Best way I can describe it is that it feels like vibrations, but I don't just feel it in my leg, I feel it in a lot of different areas. My middle left of my back, my legs more often the right, and I've felt it in my head. I haven't quite figured out what it is, but I suspect it's about things that are to come, and maybe a sign that it's getting closer. I'll often times feel a almost cold feeling in my head too at times, but the vibrations are more annoying than anything that they won't go away.
~ Lyro

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