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My visions started around about, October/November 2011. My partner at the time, had a bad dream and was shouting in their sleep. I awoke suddenly because of this. In a very dark room, at about 4am, I saw above my bed a glowing golden circle of light, that was moving in an anti-clockwise direction, and moving from right to left. In side this circle were images of what looked like, an RAF (Royal Air Force) Officer, it was so clear at the time. This image kept on moving from right to left for around thirty seconds, the same amount of time as all other visions.

My partner didn't see the same as me, but saw a light in the corner of the room.

Since then I have seen nightly, partial or full images of many different people and even objects. Sometimes there are a whole group of "people/spirits" in the room, all gazing in my direction, more like dark figures than clear images like the first time, and a very strong energy which comes along with them. This I don't get very often, mostly there is just one image. Mostly, a few feet away, but, other times only ten inches or so. Once I waved at one such image and it then instantly waved back, that was very interesting. Of all the visions over the last 14/15 months, I have never been fearful, just intrigued. Occasionally, there are faces, which aren't that pleasant, so I just ask them to leave or ask to see only higher evolved/energy beings. In my Spiritualist class, we are told to protect ourselves by imagining a beautiful blue light, going through the top of our head, through our body, hands and toes, into the earth and cascade back up and out of our head and around our Auric field.

Here are a few other examples which impressed me, at the time:-

Another was an Edwardian male figure, in a Top Hat.

A beautiful young blond lady, that, could be the spirit of my departed Great Niece.

There are many visions that are so tall I can't see their faces, but what I see are many military style uniforms with many medals. Sometimes there are smaller faces, within the "body" of the vision. I have seen my fathers face this way.

A nun, has appeared a few times. A group of men in extreme winter clothes, as if going to the Antarctic. I saw a small Sikh boy (with a turban) once. Then later on he appeared in one of my paintings, this also happened with the man in a Top Hat. As if there is a connection between the two. My paintings reveal many faces & animals.

Other none humanoid visions include, seeing a kitchen with a sink in it, a Globe with a map of Australia, in red, also one of the UK. (I was born in the UK but live now in Australia)

The most intriguing vision I saw was in March 2012. It was of a 16/17 year old, male in one small circle of light. There was also another circle of light with clouds moving across it. I then saw him go towards the light with the clouds, as if he was going towards Heaven! That one quite moved me.

I had one two nights a go, that was so close, only 4 or 5 inches away. I could see their face, and it looked male, who was handsome. The eye was very large, so the whole body was very large, when I saw it first I was taken aback. Then it backed away, and was then a large dark image, with a certain energy in the room. I have my theories.

Why do I get them? I will await your thoughts if you are interested in my experiences.

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anglomike (1 stories) (6 posts)
9 years ago (2013-10-09)
Update: 9 Oct 2013
I did a bit of research on the internet after a friend told me about Hypno Gogic or "about to sleep" visions some people get. I seem to have the other Hypno-pompic Waking Visions.
I have been seeing an elderly Native American Indian the last few nights, last night he had "war" paint on his face!
anglomike (1 stories) (6 posts)
9 years ago (2013-06-11)
Update of my recent visions;-

In March 2013 I went and did a Vipassana 10 day meditation course. This was an intense time of doing 6+ hours of meditation a day. So you can imagine, that opened me up to some amazing visions and seeing orbs of light in broad daylight, that was a 1st for me. The visions included an up-side down Buddah, (Vipassana is a Buddhist technique) Alien space ships, and on a personal note a beautiful woman, came in very close, in my mind I said "you are very beautiful, but who are you?" Instantly the thought/image came back as being a lady I used to work with over 10 years ago, a lovely lady that would do anything for anyone. I won't give her name, as she committed suicide here in Sydney, as she had lost her partner a few weeks before. She appeared younger than when I worked with her, that is why I didn't immediately recognise her.

I have seen a soldier on a horse, as if going into battle. My Grandfather was a soldier based in Egypt, in the 1st World War, and I believe he rode horses while there. This is the first animal I have seen. Last night I saw two males, one was so clear I could make out his features very clearly, but I didn't recognise either of them.

The important thing is to have no fear, as this hinders your progress in things spiritual. Always protect yourself after meditation with the blue light beaming down through your body into the earth and cascading back up and out of your head and covering your auric (aura) field.
anglomike (1 stories) (6 posts)
10 years ago (2013-02-21)
thanks for your comments Newbiepsychic. I had an interesting, experience the other night. There was a vision with wings, but smaller than the previous one, then there was lots of energy in the room, and lots of movement... Some unattractive beings turned up, but I bid them farewell. I wished them to go towards the light and be with God, instead of being around me. I am not sure this is the thing to do, but it felt right at the time.
Newbiepsychic (109 posts)
10 years ago (2013-02-03)
Very interesting and nice that you are not afraid of what you see and seem to be able to handle your abilities well!:)

You can see them because you are sensitive to energies and my guess would be that they know this and are drawn to you. There is energy everywhere, some of us are more sensitive to it in different forms, sounds like you have the ability to see them.
From what I understand, we are all able to do this it's just a matter of tuning into that side of ourselves, my understanding is is that it is more a right brain type of activity, a knowing and intuition and sensitivity to the energies that are always around us. Some might call it quantum sensing... But I do believe it is more than that due to the spiritual aspect of it all. Essentially we are spiritual beings living a human life, and most people in their daily left brained lives don't know this or associate with it.

Very glad to hear that you are going to a Spiritual class, nice, this is good, will help you I think. If you so feel moved to interact with them you likely could and the waving is VERY cute! And I'm glad to hear you know enough to tell the dark dudes to take a hike:) nice work, a pleasure to read this.

Continued good luck with all of this. Take care! ❤
anglomike (1 stories) (6 posts)
10 years ago (2013-02-03)
I don't hear that much, but the one a few nights ago, had like a "flapping of wings" sound. The first thought that came into my head was of Archangel Rafael (The Healer) Apparently they appear as large visions, "he" was SO close, it took me aback, with the large eye staring at me.
Thank you for your comments,Gaois.
Gaois (1 stories) (7 posts)
10 years ago (2013-01-31)
Me again. I've seen a young blond woman - verry talkative and animated, a native american, not talkative but calm and pleasant,
My grand daughter at age 11 (and she's not even conceived yet), a couple of negative entities I told to go (and they did). I sometimes hear loud music, soft music, drums, wind, etc. A very tall, kind, bald man of unknown age who told me lots of interesting things.
Gaois (1 stories) (7 posts)
10 years ago (2013-01-31)
a portal could have opened in that space in your bedroom. Perhaps from your partners dream, the port al was always there, but with a change in energy, now you are able to perceive the spirits. I've had similar occurrences a few times. Protect yourself. Wandering spirits can be harmless, eager to talk and share, want something, or whatever. Sometimes harmful spirits show up to mess with you. If you are protected and willing to engage, you can invite conversation. It can be very interesting. Sometimes they help you and sometimes you help them. I tell the negative ones to leave and not return. All usually go as soon as asked.
RedOceanus (1 stories) (3 posts)
10 years ago (2013-01-31)
Wow, that's so amazing!:D
Sorry,: (I have no clue as to why you have them, but I do wonder, do these images also emit sounds?

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