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Over the past couple of years I have become extremely interested in the spiritual and psychic world. My entire life has been marked by some very strange events. To begin with, my mother is a devout Christian and is extremely spiritual, as are some other members of my family. She claims when I was young that I fell face first onto the pavement while being 'walked' by brother. I was probably between 1 and 2 at the time and she says she can still recall a sickening crack as my face hit the driveway followed by my brother who landed on top of me. She expected my face to be a bloody mess but I was perfectly fine, smiling even. She still refers to this as a so-called 'angel' experience to this day.

As a young child, I was extremely quick to pick things up. As soon as I learned to talk I was recorded as asking what the meaning of life was and why there was suffering in the world. Strange stuff for a 2 year old. I learned how to read and write with basically no direction. One day I just could.

Fast forward some years to my teenage years. I had 2 experiences around this time that opened my eyes. The first was when I was in a grocery store with my mother at about the age of 17. I was wandering around by myself when all of a sudden I knew that my science teacher was in the next aisle over. It was the strangest thing because sure enough I checked and he was in fact there. I shrugged it off and continued walking when suddenly I knew my best friend's mother was in the next aisle over. And she was. It was the strangest sensation ever. I thought I might be dreaming or losing my mind. (It just struck me now that these were and are two very enlightened individuals and perhaps I was picking up on them or something).

Next year at the age of 18, I was in a pretty bad car accident where I fell asleep at the wheel. The car slid down a 20-30 foot ravine and hit multiple trees. The car was smashed up everywhere except where my friend and I were sitting (there was even a tree branch sticking through the window behind my head). It was these 2 events which sort of reaffirmed my faith in God, angels and spirituality.

Which brings me to the present day... I am now 25, have graduated university and am working full time while I plan my next move. I do not have outright psychic experiences like the one in the grocery store, but there is definitely something up. In the past year alone I have been called an angel, a 'wizard', even a demon by different people at different times. I don't know what I do specifically but it's almost like I can 'influence' things. Also, my reflexes are extremely fast. I have freaked out customers at my place of work by catching falling things without seemingly noticing I'm doing it. Even bowling with my friends last week, a friend said it looked like I was lighter than air. Some of my friends have said that things always seem happier and lighter when I'm around and they truly mean it, I can tell. I have even had straight male friends say they are 'attracted' to me. And finally, my favourite (:P), my friend's married sister-in-law called me 'celestial' and asked jokingly if I had fallen from outer space when I played a Van Morrison song on guitar once... It was an innocent, drunken comment but still kind of freaked me out. Which reminds me that I also have a sort of knack for shooting stars and the northern lights. I saw about 40 shooting stars in 2012 and the Northern Lights 3 times... But I digress. These kind of comments have really picked up in the past year or so as I have been praying and reading more and more. I try and try to just be as normal as possible but people keep saying these weird things like this all the time. I just try to be nice and listen to people. I have never had an aggressive instinct in my life and often get really depressed for varying periods. Anyway, I don't actually believe I'm an angel or even special or anything. I'm just wondering if anybody out there has experienced something similar because I'm awfully lonely sometimes. I often wonder what I'm doing on this planet where everyone is obsessed with material possessions and their own personal memories. I see a lot of beauty in the world but to me it is unfolding all the time and nobody else seems to notice it! Where can I meet other people like me:P

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spookvanger (13 stories) (128 posts)
7 years ago (2013-02-06)
Hi Snowfish!
I omitted to mention that you can meet like minded people at Psychic Societies and Spiritualist Churches.
I consulted the internet and found Spiritualist churches in Ontario, Calgary and Edmonton. Look under Spiritualist Church of Canada.
RevSilverson (103 posts)
7 years ago (2013-02-04)
in my opinion, humankind is on the cusp of a leap in spiritual evolution- from selfishness to selflessness. So take heart that change will come. People like being around positive energy people- it makes them feel good and brings out the best in them. But beware of giving too much of your energy to them. It can weaken you. I would suggest you study chakras and how to use them to balance the energies going out of your body and coming into your body.

Love and light
spookvanger (13 stories) (128 posts)
7 years ago (2013-02-04)
It is indeed wonderful to look up at the skies and see the wonders of Gods creation. Be it cloud formations, a miriad of stars or the northern lights.
And of course the world and the whole universe is unfolding. This process will still continue for many billions of years until perfection is reached according to the Creators plan.
Don't for one moment think that you are not special.
We all are. In every single living organism in the universe there resides a spark of the great White
Keep on praying, meditating and reading appropriate
Books.Your guide who is with you 24/7 will influence
Your selection. But please, never be impatient.Spiritual
Development is a very, very slow process and your guide
Will "feed" you what is needed for that moment.
Remember,you will be incarnated many times before
Perfection is reached.
Also,don't mind other people. Most of them will not understand and in their ignorance make fun of you.
Be very selective with whom you discuss these matters.
"Don't cast your pearls before the swine". (I hope my
Translation is correct!)
I would suggest that you read my "stories"and posts
Which contain facts from the spirit world.
It will be a blessing to assist you in your search for
The Truth.
PS.I noticed you live in Canada. My wife and I have just returned from Edmonton after visiting our daughter and family.
lightworkerhealer (1 stories) (54 posts)
7 years ago (2013-02-01)
snowfish some part of your story matches my life incidences also. People may call you angel because maybe you are a very good natured person or maybe you are a healer. I am an empath (a person who can feel others emotions) and a healer. Whenever I go near any person I can feel their body reacting to my prescence like their mind will become calm and stuff like that. Maybe you are an indigo child too as I am also an indigo child sometimes I feel very lonely and left out or very depressed. Indigo children are right brained children (and this world is full of left minded people) and that's why we (indigo children) sometimes feel that no one understands us. There is an another term used for indigo children which is "lightworker". We are sent on earth to spread love and to improve and help the left minded people to climb the steps of spirituality. Hope this helps. ❤

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