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Unknown Repeated Video Clips Of Shadow Figures


I wanted to tell you guys three stories of spirits that I have encountered. The first two short stories have validated that I'm not insane. The last story, however, is a bit different. It is concerning with shadow people that I have been experiencing and it is increasing by the day! Please continue to read and voice your opinion on it. Big or small, your opinion would help.

First, since I was a little girl, I could see people. People I never seen before in my life. People I have never met before in my life. But for some reason, I just know they are not normal or dead. Not all the time do I see them when in bed, I do see some in the corner of my eyes, some just a split second on my bed and so on. After my family have migrated to America, that same spirit I saw back in my country (Vietnam) has followed me. A little boy, he was wearing the same school outfit, blue overalls short with short sleeve white dress shirt. He would sit exactly how I have seen him in the past. I finally got the courage to tell my mom of that little boy. She said I do have a dead older brother that dies wearing the same outfit. Because our family was so poor, mom parents couldn't afford medicine for his illness. He had died way before I ever came in the picture.

My second experience is with a male in his twenty-ish. I was in a down point of my life with my breakup with my ex-husband. I was cruising around 1-3 am in my car. I was thinking and crying. All of the sudden I felt someone sitting behind me. I look back, there he is. A strange guy sitting there in my back seat behind the passenger side, he sitting there chilling and seem to just hanging out with me. I look forward maybe a second or so. Look back again and he is gone. Just like that. I don't remember how many weeks or months later, I have told my ex-husband about this strange spirit. He has asked for the description. I said, "Black slack with white t-shirt. He look like he's maybe 5'8 to 6'0.His hair was spike up nicely. His skin was a bit pale for an Asian person." My ex-husband just remained quite. Moments later, he revealed that he had a close dead friend years ago that got shot. He was wearing the same clothes and loves to spike his hair up. He is a bit light skin for an Asian person and he is around that height as I have described.

Lastly, my last encounter is with shadow people. I was very scared when I see them. Before, I only see spirits with my eyes are open. Now I see them when my eyes are close. But they are not just like the rest of the spirits I have seen. They are shadow figures. Some are white and some are black. Even in pitch dark, with my eyes close, I could see them. I used to get so scared and couldn't sleep. I know if I close my eyes, I would see them. Some are interacting with me, some are just passing by. Some are observing me. Some I would see yelling and screaming at each other. Others I would see them as if I was there when they were at their final day (abuse, strangle, argue, car accident and so on). Those scene something repeat itself continuously. I could sometime hear those shadow figures arguing and screaming at each other accordingly to the scene I have describe. For example: One time, I see shadow figure moving and talking. I can't really make sense what they saying. Another time, I could hear and couple arguing rigorously. And they were fighting. It would replay over and over again. Furthermore, just couple of days ago, I would see male preparing meals for his wife/girlfriend. They seem to be older couple. As they ate, they were arguing about something. He would go up walk behind her and strangle her to death. That scene repeated in my eyes when I close them.

To come to a conclusion, I don't believe I could see spirits all the time, I do know they chose to let me see them when they want too. I do not see spirit 24/7. I just see those who chose to let me see them. But the one question always linger in my head, how come I only see shadow figures with my eyes close? But I could see the background of that particular place that they are at clearer (outline of it, the color of it and etc). I'm not afraid of them. I know how to protect myself from entity so that is not the reason why I have decided to share my story. Is there any explanation to why I experience this? Am I the only one seeing this? Or is my mind playing tricks on me? What is wrong with me?!

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TheOtherSide (1 stories) (19 posts)
7 years ago (2013-02-02)
Thank so much Cloudess and Lora for your opinion. It helps me feel ease and understand a bit more. Once again Thanks!
IslVoter (257 posts)
7 years ago (2013-02-02)

I have heard of many who see the "death scenes" of others reinacted over and over. They are caught in the cycle of their death. The deaths were often violent, but always not expected and therefore, they have not "caught up" with their own death but are stuck in this replaying cycle. Some say the spirit themselves are stuck, others say it is just residual energy. You will probably have a better insight on that. Since you began seeing the shadow figures only with the eyes closed, it may be that this is residual energy and you only see it when third eye open.

Prior to that, your experiences seeing your brother and your husband's friend are also very common. Driving in a car is often a good time for spirits to come through to us because we are often lost in thought while driving. You were in some distress while driving and might be why your ex's friend came to you--to reassure you.

To me, your story shows an evolving spirituality/gifts. I know you aren't afraid of the shadow figures and that's good that you have already taught yourself protection. You may know that fear is what causes almost all negative that we experience--both in the spiritual realm and in our own lives. If you think about it, fears of all kinds are everywhere, so you are already ahead of many in understanding how to protect yourself.

You are not crazy--you are spiritual and evolving. It's all a good thing. Just continue to feel the strength of your protection and continue to grow. Who knows what will be next for you.

Isle - Lora
cloudess (2 stories) (35 posts)
7 years ago (2013-02-02)
Nothing is wrong with you! First of, it is amazing that not only you can see shadow people, but the scenes around them. I have never heard of an ability like yours. Yes, there are many people out there who can see shadow people, in fact you should check out some of their stories. But I have yet to see a gift like yours, of actually seeing the scene for some of them, or different colors shadow beings. And of the spirits you see, plus the shadow people, you are a medium. Embrace your gift, because the spirits who reveal themselves to you probably need you help, but f this gets to be too much just practice shielding. Shielding involves envisioning a white light surrounding you, and this almost always keeps away spirits that you don't want attracted to you. Hope this helps!

Love and Light, Cloudess ❤

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