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I'm Scared For Her


I'm telling about a few of my mother's experiences. My mom was always really close to her father, he died about 11 years ago and it put my mother in a really bad place. She cursed God, her marriage ended, she was put in a mental hospital for like 2 weeks. Everything seemed to be better afterward.

It wasn't too long after that my grandmother died too. It was a few years. She'd often had some of the same experiences my mother has had which makes what happens now just frighten me more.

Probably about 6 years ago we were living with one of her friends because we weren't really doing well. I was at school and my mother decided to clean the little bedroom we stayed in and while she was cleaning she caught a distinct whiff of my grandfathers cologne. It was like a special kind of old spice. She's never been able to get that out of her mind and it made her think her parents are watching over her.

But now, years later, I was talking to her a few nights ago and she told me of seeing shadowy silhouettes in her bedroom at night. She saw a very tall figure of a man with a large round hat. I've heard of shadowy beings like this one before and I've always heard he's a manifestation of evil. The fact that this thing stays around her makes me feel like what she felt all those years ago wasn't a good thing like she thought it was, I feel like it may have been a trick to make her more comfortable with whatever spirits she may see.

I'm not sure what to think but I'm scared for her. I don't know what could happen and I'm scared of what might.

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Lyro (468 posts)
7 years ago (2016-12-25)
The shadows are a difficult thing to discuss, not because of fear or anything, but more of a lack of knowledge. I've done my own research into them and it seems like most people don't have any information about them. I'll tell you my personal belief, I think they are a kind of spirit being that purposefully brings about fear and then feeds off it. Most of the stories that are seen with them involve sleep paralysis, and seeing them either out of the corner of your eyes, or when you're still in that sleeping phase, and then they go away. So they never actually hurt you, just make you afraid and then leave. Now I was instructed about them once before, and with that I was told: "Involving the shadows that you'll see out of the corners of your eyes, ignore them. Don't even acknowledge their existence and they won't harm you." From what I've gathered they don't like to be seen, so if you show that you see them, then they get upset, however if you don't even acknowledge that they are there, they won't harm you and will leave.
I hope that helps
~ Lyro

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