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Scared Of What I Can't See


I'm a skeptic. I've never believed in ghosts or spirits. Recently, my thoughts are confused. My first experience was when my husband saw a figure above me but I couldn't see it. The dog was growling and barking also. Then I saw a black shadow floating on my bedroom ceiling. My dog started growling then ran to the doorway, turned around and growled at the wall above me. I have heard multiple voices talking at once while trying to go to sleep. Most recently, I had a dream about my dead aunt and I couldn't hear what she was saying to me. It freaked me out. The next night I was washing dishes and I felt a rush of cold air and my chest became tight and I had the urge to cry. Is she reaching out to me? I'm confused and scared. I felt uneasy and uncomfortable. I did not feel happy or warm. Is this a evil entity portraying my aunt? Is this a warning? AM I going crazy or making myself scared over nothing? I'm terrified to be alone now. My husband sees things and images and said the image he saw was evil and was angry. I didn't believe him. The dog confirmed something was there. What does it want with me? I just started a new job and the tv in the lobby turns itself off when I watch it. Is it following me? I'm confused and afraid. I pray but I'm not sure what is happening. Could I be going crazy? I'm embarrassed to talk to anyone because I sound insane. My husband keeps seeing this image but says it's nothing when I ask what he sees. What do I do to get rid of it or find out what it wants from me?

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babayag (5 posts)
7 years ago (2017-05-30)
That's how it can feel - like you're going crazy! Honestly, it just sounds like you have some mediumship gifts coming in.

Did something recently happen to you? There's usually an impetus event that starts it all, especially if it opens up later in life. So think about it.

That said... When you first open up, it can be like an avalanche, spirits bombard you and so on to get you to notice and put the pieces together faster, then eventually it levels out and it's all cool.

But in the meantime, it sounds like you have spirits moving through your house, have you ever space cleared?

If not, give it a try. If you plan on communicating with your aunt, or if she plans on continuing to communicate with you rather (probably does!), it would be helpful to clear anyway, as that makes sure nothing gross starts trying to come through.

Also, check out this article on creating boundaries with spirits, it sounds like you may need that right now:

Spirits will move through your house without care for boundaries until you set them with them.

Good news is though... Your husband has seen stuff too... So that's a great start. Most people husbands are even more skeptic than they are, making it harder to accept what's happening and embrace how cool it is.

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