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Unleash My Sons


My son is 27 and for two weeks now he's been hearing voices of a male and female, but is unable to make out what is being said. They are pretty much always around him inside and out the home. He feels there presence. He sees a dark black presence with a cape kind of clothing and a face of horror. At night when sleeping he sometimes awakes and can't move or speak like he being held down, other times it just hovering over him, things in the room or moved and he hears different types of sounds. He said it's really draining him, that day by day he feels like a different person, He doesn't know what to do or has no idea why this is happening. Also my 23 year old is experiencing the same thing. I myself however don't experience it, but don't know what to do to make it stop. Could someone please help my sons out and give us some insight on what's happening and what we can do to have this attachment removed from them so they can be back to normal, they are really scared and feel like they are loosing there minds. So anyone with any useful information on what's happening please contact me as soon as possible. I know there not crazy, they just for some unknown reason have this attachment. They have been both very depressed and pulling away from everyone just wanting to be alone, also have become very agitated with everything and everyone. They don't sleep at night due to this and barely eat. Again thanks to anyone who has any useful information they can offer me. I'm slowly losing my sons and need to have them released from this.

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ThatOneWeirdo (4 posts)
7 years ago (2017-06-02)
Get a preist involved for if this spirit feels malicious it may be a demon, especially if it's causing discomfort and personal harm! You should always refere back to a church that has teachings of God and Christ, I'm sorry if you don't believe in God as a whole but trust me. Praying to God about your troubles openly and willingly to the exsistence of God and his miracles will help. God will send those spirits away, through brute force or by sending a follower of his to pray for you and or with you, God knows all but know this; he won't do as you demand him to, it's in God's will and kindness to help those in need so just ask. If you get no answer keep asking, mean what you say. You don't have to scream to the heavens for God just praying and talking to him is just fine, just be genuine.:) Seriously God wants to help you, he doesn't control what evil goes on in this world today but he will heal and fix your woes if you simply and sincerly ask him.
Xarath (guest)
7 years ago (2017-06-01)
Hi! Don't worry this is something that can be fixed, but this sounds like a fairly complicated situation, sense both of your Son's are having similar issues It is clear It is a bloodline trait passed down, most likely due to an ancestor making a awful mistake long ago.

I have projected to your location, allow me to explain. Projection is the act of moving ones energy around someone, or inside of someone to gather information about a given spirit or event. I did this into your mind. Forgive me if I am wrong but did someone die when they were about eight years old, or a Child die recently? Because I had a vivid image of a Child in a Suite as if at a funeral, He looked about eight years old, white skin, black hair.

The vivid image was located in a drive with trees on one side, smaller bushes on the other going around a house, that had porch with stairs going off to the side, and a silver car in the drive way. The kid was infront of the car. Does any of this sound familiar? The figure, and another that was inside of the image seems to be related to what you are going through.

I would like to have easier contact with you if you get this, I can reply here again if you would like, or you can add me at shanon. Beck19 on skype, along with message me at shanon.beck1 [at]
Pennies4U (46 posts)
7 years ago (2017-05-28)
Google -18 signs and symptoms of a spirit attachment.

From the description it may be a portal door opened.
Your adult sons would have to be forth coming with interacting
With Ouiji board, tarot or magic. As well as relaxation with recreational activities.

Additionally check for new objects brought into home 2 weeks ago should be removed.

You can start the process by studying each person and the home.

A crystal practitioner or shamanic worker can help.

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