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Multiple Interactions, Both Me And My Son


I'm just beginning to explore this online, never knew that others has experiences as well because I never shared with others. I am older now, and know I am a stable, healthy person so these experiences were quite possibly what are considered paranormal. As a child, I can recall laying on the floor in the study of my parents home and watching a shadow like person almost playing with me by swirling in different directions "in" the ceiling. Now, I say in because it (I have a sense it was he) appeared as extending out from the ceiling. I know how this sounds odd, which is the main reason I never shared before. He was not unfriendly, in fact I would laugh with him as he danced around the ceiling. It happened a few times and then never again.

After that, there was a home being built across the street, I was about 9 years old by this point. I was gazing out my window and saw a figure in the window, this time I had a sense it was female. I waved, she disappeared and then later entered my home. I don't recall how, because my logical adult mind cannot believe I would have heard her speak, but she either told me her name was Elizabeth, or I named her. She was more a presence than something I could see once she was closer to me. She loved piano music and even lifted a tiny sample size perfume in front of me and my friends, so I was not the only one who witness this... She turned on my music box as well. I actually remember saying goodbye to her at one point as my mind was questioning whether she was real or not... And I never felt her again.

Then, years later, I was a junior in college sleeping in my parents basement on the pullout sofa with my boyfriend. We turned the tv and VCR off and started to go to sleep. All of a sudden we saw a multi dimensional multi colored prism shape rotating in the tv. He said to me "I thought we turned the tv off." I replied "we did." So, we pushed the on off button again and nothing happened, so we ignored it and thought something was wrong with the tv and tried to go to sleep again. Then, I became freezing cold and had a horrible sensation someone or something was there. I sat up and saw a shadow figure of a person about 10 feet from the bottom edge of the bed. As I scanned upwards over the figure, I noticed the eyes were red, bright like fire. I also had a sense it was female. I dove under the covers and told my boyfriend we had to go upstairs right now. He asked why and I was too scared to say anything more, I just knew we had to get away.

That kind of experience never happened again, but I always had a sense some spirit was around my son. When he was 3 and doing a cute assignment for preschool. The teacher traced their bodies onto huge piece of paper and the kids took it home and had to artistically create themselves... My son made his hair brown, and made a shirt and shorts, belt, barefoot, and then I said I'll go in the kitchen and you keep going, you are doing a great job. When I returned maybe 5 minutes later, he had drawn bird like being all around him. I comment what a great idea to add birds and butterflies. He said "no mom, those are the spirits, they are all around us." I asked, "ooh, what kind of spirits do you mean?" (I had never taught him about spirits, we didn't go to church or synagogue or anything at that point). He replied, "they are angels and spirits who are always nearby." I told him what a beautiful thought to include them in your self picture art.

Then, when he was 5, near Christmas (we did put up a tree, but it wasn't religious), he came downstairs and said "Jesus came to my room." I said, "oh that must have been a vivid dream!" He said "no, I was awake, and he said to me you will always know me and God." I stopped what I was doing, and remembering the child in that movie the sixth sense and how bad he felt when he wasn't believed, I questioned carefully. "What a nice thing for you to have experienced, are you sure you were awake and it wasn't just a nice dream?" He's said, "no, I was awake for real." Then I asked "how did you know it was Jesus?" He said he just knew. We were not Christian. I was raised with. Christmas and Easter, not church. His dad was raised Jewish. We did not belong to any religious organization. He had friends who were, but that's it.

I struggle to this day, he is now almost an adult, wondering what that was about. I did start going to church, and reading bibles and tenakh and all sorts of religions to try to figure this out. When I was doing yoga, my instructor took me to a group which dealt with auras etc. They gave us an exercise and then asked to tell what color we perceive our own aura to be, mine was yellow gold almost white gold. The leader came up to me and said I was "special". This freaked me out and I never returned. A pastor told me that I was "charged" with protecting this boy as he has a special purpose, but I would protect him anyway bc he is my son.

As an older adult, I have had 1 instance in which my significant other described me and how I talked and what I did over the course of several hours. Not me at all. The words I would never say, the sexual requests I made during that time. Never. I don't recall it at all. As I was waking the next day, I had a nightmare about a demon and a man who is our exterminator entered my dream and said "oh man, you have a demon here and you need to tell it to get out bc it's going after your family." I then yelled at the top of my lungs, get out, you are not welcome here, get out, you cannot have me or any of us. Then I woke up. Does anyone know what all of these experiences mean? Thanks for any and all opinions and advice. Nothing has happened since.

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Brooke829 (4 posts)
7 years ago (2017-10-10)
Hi Salvation2012,

I'm a Casting Director working on a really exciting new show that I think might be a great fit for you and your son.

We are looking for children/teens all over the country that may have some form of psychic abilities or spiritual giftedness. Our goal is to shed a positive light on these exceptionally unique individuals and help them and their families develop a better understanding of their incredible gifts.

I'd love to chat with you in more detail about the project and your incredible son if you'd be interested. Please shoot me an email at raisingparanormalcasting [at]

Looking forward to chatting with you soon!

KikiGirl (3 stories) (60 posts)
7 years ago (2017-01-23)
Salvation2012! Your story was beautiful and scary, too!

Most people do not speak about these experiences because they feel far too vulnerable and easily judged when they do. They're expecting someone to say something like, "that is the strangest thing I ever heard. You're a nutcase." All the while, somewhere in the back of their mind is a door they forgot and closed long ago. As folklore goes, when people are babies, we ALL have the gift/s to see spirits, ghosts and are highly equipped to make contact with our sixth-sense. Have a look at Googles List of Psychic Abilities, see how many there actually are in the world:

As we grow and learn, we naturalize with the physical world and forget all about imaginary friends, ghosts and other psychic gifts. You will ask some people, "have you really, NEVER had ANY experience, at all?" And they will reply, "Absolutely not! That is all hocus pocus! Put in your mind by religion, and nutcases. I have absolutely really never had any experience where I have seen a ghost or something like that". And that is OK, tit-for-tat. Your spiritual door and gut-reaction closed long ago! You now work on logical explanation and what you can see-and-touch, only.

For those of us who retain some of our natural ability, such as intuition, premonition or seeing ghosts, it is likely to happen once in a while even when you don't expect or prompt it. You seem like a strong, intuitive, happy, uncritical and more-overly, open-minded person. Those little things about you is what opened you up and protected you when these paranormal events took place.

The bad experience? It is a possibility that you were not in a good space, and something or someone tried to use you because that is what they do. You cast it off and it will stay gone. It's a good thing to recognize that when you are a good person, it extends way beyond your touch, but, when you get upset or feel depressed, this also manifests or shows itself, just, as it did that night.
Nightingale (145 posts)
7 years ago (2017-01-20)
Hello Salvation2012,
I am glad that you felt comfortable sharing your story here. It is always scary to trust and we doubt ourselves often. I would also like to thank you for believing your son, as this means the world to someone coming into a gift.
He may well have met a higher being. It sounds like he is very tuned into the spirits that are indeed around us. You too have this gift, and the first two entities you mentioned were likely ghosts. They often befriend us when they realize we can communicate with them. Some of us can discern a name for someone whether we're given it or not.
As to the scarier incidents, you did the right thing. You may be able to force evil beings away with your will and mind, even while awake if needed, however you should use your judgement. If you sense intentions that endanger you, get near others and/or turn on lights. If you wish to learn more, I recommend meditation. If you feel confortable befriending spirits, try tuning into this other plane. Meditation helps increase our self-awareness and consciousness of surroundings.
Fear not, and I hope you will enjoy this gift.
Wishing you and your son well,
carriwill (8 stories) (98 posts)
7 years ago (2017-01-19)
I get dreams also like you do. The demon was coming at your sub conscious mind. You were correct to shout out be gone unclean spirit like you did. That is you have no more problems.
carriwill (8 stories) (98 posts)
7 years ago (2017-01-19)
Yes I have seen thing similar to what you have seen. Your son saw Jesus as a small child. I saw Lucifer in the dark, when I had been going to the Catholic Church at age 5. I believe you and your child have a prophetic gift from the bible. You both can hear and see the supernatural. You both have prophetic gifts. You both have psychic abilities. You can see the supernatural. I just pray a lot and more gifts come to. I pray the bible. I am considered a psychic. But I am a prophet in the bible. I can predict things. I can see, hear and smell spirits. Especially when I pray.

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