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Rorschachs Gift


Let me begin with a bit about myself so that you can better understand my character, scruples and regimen. I am a Pisces, 32 years of age and reside in South Africa, although I have moved around quite a lot, particularly between 1 - 16 years of age because my Father was a key player in the larger government companies and legal system, and he was forever being promoted and relocated to different countries or cities. I am not a trained Medium, Psychic, Fortune Teller or Witch but I am somewhat sensitive to the metaphysical being a water-sign, and I have had multifarious instances of; ghostly encounters, meditation, premonition and astral projection which were mostly spontaneous and impromptu. This true story is based on the gifts of the character Rorschach from the movie, The Watchmen. Rorschach wears a mask which encompasses dynamic, alternating, disproportioned and modifying ink blots. The ink blots define a particular wrongdoing of a person which Rorschach, alone can decipher.

I was living in a Crisis and Trauma Centre 5 years ago with a medley combination of personality types. It was not for the rich or upper-middle class and so the group ranged from young criminals to run-of-the-mill house wives. Personally, throughout my life, it has been a personal ideal when meeting or getting to know a person, to reserve your personal prejudgices, religious beliefs and customs and welcome the person with, at the very least, decency, respect and impartiality. Over the course of five short weeks, I made several acquaintances of whom some were just that and others I was incredibly fond of, near close, a good friend. Many facets of the Psychology and Support Groups which we attended encouraged us to be free of secrets and sins which ate away at us in the outside world. Towards the end of my stay, I was in much better health and sound mind, albeit which went hand in hand with my gifts flourishing and once again, I was better able to see auras. I began to see the dark spots which people refer to as emotional traumas within a persons aura, this was something I was never able to do. Much like Rorschach, I had exclusive access to ones intimate life history and the trepidation thereof. However, instead of seeing the events which had happened to them, I was able to sense and see their own untruths and wrongdoings.

On one occasion, I was seated with a man of 22 years of age who had grown up in the rural areas and as a result of a poverty-stricken and troubled home, he had been involved in petty crime, mostly, during his adolescence. He wanted to change his life and get a groundwork for a stable and productive life which was more for his own personal gain as he did not have a family or children. I saw four or five "ink blots" appear in-and-around his aura, and I gazed at each one perplexed and curious as to their signification of decisive and meaningful happenings. I learned very quickly when privy to such questionable, deplorable and personal information to act sensitively towards the persons well-being, as well as, my own prudence, common sense and emotional well-being. I chose the ink blot which certified a petty infraction noted, "STEALING" and continued to squeeze.

At this point, he stopped his train of thought on the current topic and for a few seconds, he was silent. And then, he began, "I didn't have money and I didn't care what I had to do to get it." The tone of his voice was that of careless disregard over his omission, he did not break a sweat. "I couldn't stand the idea of other people being rich, they didn't deserve it," he continued, "so, eventually I went to my Mothers room and took some money out of her handbag. I knew that she might notice but I also knew that she would be taking her medication at 5PM and her that eyes weren't any good. She's so old, she can barely see anything at all. She's half blind and she never reads the labels on her medication like I tell her to. So, I swapped her medication with some sedatives and drugs and threw her real medication in the trash. At supper, I made sure to distract her while she took the medication so that she never noticed the drugs. A few minutes later, she went to her bedroom and I could hear her falling around and breaking things as she did so. I heard her call out for me, Fred? Fred, come here! Oh, God! Fred, help me, something is wrong!" And then he chuckled, he was not in the least bit worried about anything that he had done or his Mothers dismay and confinement. "Finally, I left the house and I went out having fun and drinking with my friends. When I got home, the house was quiet and I went to bed. I had a good night, and I deserved it even with my Mothers money. I woke up around 10AM the next morning, I didn't hear her make breakfast or leave the house so I went to her room to check on her. There was vomit all over the floor and some other liquid, I don't know what it was! It was disgusting! And then, I saw her lying on the floor in her clothes from the night before and she had hit her head on the dresser. Her arms were bruised and her clothes were ruffled all over the room."

Alarmed, stunned and grieved, I stopped pressing the ink blot, further. He looked at me with confusion and as if, he had forgotten what he was talking about a minute earlier. At a loss for words, I dusted my skirt off and straightened my clothes, and hurriedly got up and walked away without saying a word. I could not bare to turn around and look at him once more. After that day, I never again pried or snuck-a-peak into another persons personal depravities. I trained myself to stop seeing the ink blots and I stopped seeing auras.

Eventually, my Step-Sister and I watched the movie, The Watchmen, together and I realized the acquisition, dividence, privation and unpleasantness of Rorschachs gift.

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gthlvrmx (64 posts)
7 years ago (2017-02-21)
Hi KiKiGirl,

You have a beautiful gift of seeing and reading people's auras. In my most honest opinion, it is always best to accept and embrace your natural gifts and if possible, use them to help others and maybe even your own life, and all of this done for the highest good of all concerned.

Your gifts are given to you for a reason, not to be hidden and blocked and run away from.
starsofclay (4 stories) (61 posts)
7 years ago (2017-02-18)
I wonder if your gift at seeing and manipulating auras could be used for healing, instead of what you were using it for, which turned you off to the whole idea. I've heard of being able to scrub the dark spots out of auras, which is used as a form of healing; but with what you described, I think you could facilitate some powerful mental healing as well.

In fact, you may not know it, but that man's whole life might have changed after such a confession, which may have never come out without your help. That being said, any sort of stuff like that really should be done with permission.
sunflower (1 posts)
7 years ago (2017-02-18)
KikiGirl, I would love to talk to you more via email. I have noticed how active you are on this site and how much you seem to be helping people with the problems they are having. I am interested because I too seek out people in need of spiritual help, along with others. All of us have abilities and use these to help people to the best of our ability, as well as working on how to improve our abilities for the greater good. There is a few things really want to talk about, if you may be interested? My email is christopher.makayla [at]
I really hope to hear from you.

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