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Win The Lotto Story


I was in my early twenties when my fixation, observance and matter of course attracted me to delve into using my gifts to win the lotto. I have been an outstanding guesser all of my life and I became even better when I applied myself in games of chance. To be honest, originally this happened entirely by mistake and depending largely or solely on my emotions. If I was happy and excited when playing a game, I could produce excellent cards and variables in the game to be but if I found the game exhausting and dull, the cards dealt would be the equivalent. One night, after winning four big games of Bingo in a row, the realization dawned on me that I had a gift for deduction and games.

Originally, I had tried to get the lotto numbers through questioning a pendulum but the way in which the questions need to be asked took exceptional focus and energy; "Pendulum, tell me, will the number 1 appear on the South African Lotto Game which is aired at 09:30 PM on Tuesday, 17th January 2016? Yes or No?" Again, ""Pendulum, tell me, will the number 2 appear on the South African Lotto Game which is aired at 09:30 PM on Tuesday, 17th January 2016? Yes or No?" And so on all the way up to 45 or 49, I think. Suffice to say, a meditation process may work better and it would be a whole lot more fun.

When I began my mediation process, I would sit on my bed and think of the approaching lotto game, and I soon substantiated that the devil was in the details, similarly to the pendulum process; thinking of the date, time and how the game was run produced far more desirable results. The process worked like a charm, and I gained results, immediately! I could see the numbers forming and I achieved a good percentage of right numbers in the games that followed.

One day, I had completed the meditation process and written down my numbers. On the first line, I had written 6 numbers but I had crossed out two numbers and replaced it other numbers. As I was looking at the numbers, I heard a mans voice as clear as day and he said, "When you go and play these numbers, remember to play the first line exactly as you had written it the first time." Well, I had already planned to do that, just to be sure! "Okay, I will!" I thought to myself but again, he spoke, "Tomorrow, when you go and play, be sure to play the first line precisely as you had written it down the first time." At this point, I'll be honest, I actually got a little bit frustrated because I felt that I already understood what I needed to do and I had planned to do it myself, anyway!

Now, the one thing I can promise you about participating such a mediation is that it is going to be on your mind 24/7 and if you are not careful, the obsession will drive you to insanity, but, I am quite good at laying tricky affairs aside and dealing with them when the right time arises. And, that is precisely what I did. I put the papers down on my desk, took a deep breath in and let it go.

The following night, I procrastinated going to buy the lotto tickets until very late and as I was flying out of the house, I was delayed even further by my family members all giving me their numbers to play. At this point, believe it or not, I hadn't ever really played the lotto. I had followed the games on TV and I had given my Mother my numbers and asked my her to buy me a ticket a few times, but, I had never actually bought a lotto ticket myself. When I arrived at the shop, the queue started at the lotto ticket counter, went all the way out of the shop and ended around the corner. I was extremely anxious! It was 08:45PM and you could only buy a lotto ticket until 09:00PM so I actually thought I wouldn't even get the opportunity to buy the lotto tickets, after all. I arrived at the until at 08:55PM and handed the cashier all of my papers, "one lotto ticket, please! I'd like to play the lotto!" I squealed, overjoyed, to which she handed the papers back to me and pointed to the lotto ticket fill-in form desk, "you need to fill in a ticket" she said in an icy, dispassionate tone. Well, I was disbelief! I felt like she was deliberately sabotaging me or plain lazy, I mean, why couldn't she just FILL-THE-FORM-OUT for me?! I looked at the lotto table and then speedily back at her with a pleading and desperate expression, but she did not give way so I ran to the table and begun filling out the lotto form. Amidst all of the craziness and confusion, when I filled out my lotto ticket, I completely forgot what had happened during my meditation and furthermore, I began changing the numbers I had chosen beforehand.

When I arrived home, I handed out everyone's lotto tickets and we all sat down to watch the lotto. So... If I had played the numbers as I had written them down on the first line I would have had 5 out of 6 correct lotto numbers and the sixth lotto number was artlessly scribbled on top of the first line.

Okay, so I had messed up my lotto ticket and forfeited a couple of hundred grand. I had to practice the art of carpet-sweeping a couple of dozen times in order to not to go completely mental. I did, however, have a great sense of assurance in my lotto ability and now knew that I must been able to do it again, then! Right? I had done it once or twice, already and now I was absolutely certain that I would have no problems acquiring the numbers in future.

Two nights later, I began the same meditation whereby I would sit on my bed and either, close or open my eyes and focus on the prospective lotto game. What happened next was one of the most unnerving and horrifying things that I have ever lived through. The lotto numbers began appearing against my wall, as they regularly do, but the numbers were written in blood and were forming at an increased rate. In a matter of seconds, my entire wall was covered in sharp, coordinated, graceless numbers in deep red which were saturated on the wall, as if they were seeping right through the cement. Every where I looked, there were numbers written and forming on the walls. I fell back in horror and took a deep breath, but even the ceiling was oozing blood, so, I ran out of the room at speed.

Today, I do not practice the lotto number meditation process and I have had to live with the knowledge that I threw almost a million bucks away. Needless to say, I do the carpet-sweeping exercise, daily.

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KikiGirl (3 stories) (60 posts)
7 years ago (2017-01-20)
Boson, thank-you for regularly checking my page and responding. I would be very interested in you furher delving into what happened that night and what intertwined with the warning of "blood money" on the wall. I did go to your profile but it did not have an e-mail address, mine is on my profile but I hardly check the email box and it is flooded!

Hmmm, what do we do from here? What can we do?

Boson (179 posts)
7 years ago (2017-01-19)
Hello KikiGirl,

I meant a psychic reading or medium reading. I don't really know how psychic you are to be able to do it yourself. I can always help you with a reading if you feel this is important to know for you.

One thing is for certain, this was done by a demonic spirit. I don't want to sound critical but I would like to mention something paramount that it seems like you had forgotten about or not knowing about before you used your pendulum and even before meditation. You see, you ask and you will receive but from whom? That's is the problem. You cannot know the source of your information from any spiritual practice unless you FIRST do some kind of protection. If that's done properly, then and only then can you trust your messages as benevolent messages.

If you have lots of questions, you can always email me (see my profile). It may be easier.

KikiGirl (3 stories) (60 posts)
7 years ago (2017-01-19)
Boson, noted!
Do you think I can perform my own reading?
Do you mean a card reading?
Do you mean a psychic reading by a medium?
Other notes or thoughts?

Boson (179 posts)
7 years ago (2017-01-19)
Hi KikiGirl,

About your walls, sorry I don't have any answer. The best way for you to figure it out, would be to have a reading about it.

KikiGirl (3 stories) (60 posts)
7 years ago (2017-01-18)
Oh mi' Gosh! Boson!
Well, you've definitely given me more to think about!
Thanks for your comment. I watched a movie recently, well not so recently, but this boy lived in a house where they used to do the craft of sorts and they would bury particular remains in the walls. Although, I do not think there are human remains buried in my walls, the blood seeping through must have some message.
Any ideas?
KikiGirl (3 stories) (60 posts)
7 years ago (2017-01-16)
Hi Boson! Thanks for reading my story and responding. I am at a loss for words, you know? For the immediate time after having not played the right numbers as arranged, I was a neurotic mess! The money... Was... REALLY... Upon my fingertips, and I was just seconds away from being wealthy for the rest of my life. Are you saying that the being KNEW that I was never going to play those numbers?
Boson (179 posts)
7 years ago (2017-01-10)
Hi KikiGirl,

I think you were given the numbers from a dark source from the spiritual realm, controlling the pendulum and also speaking to you. This being already knew what would happened to you about you playing those numbers (which any being knows from the vantage point of that dimension). If the situation were different, meaning you would know without a doubt that your information came from a pure being, then the event would most certainly played out differently in a positive way.


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