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Lottery Win Through Astral Projection And Dreams


I am just trying to understand a major fact regarding my lottery wins. I want to win high. I know I will because of my inner and strong feeling that this will happen soon.

On a lottery jackpot of 7 numbers I got twince, 5 numbers in a period of time of 3 months.

1st, it happened through 2 dreams that are related to each other.

In the 1st one, I clearly saw a date and in the second one (the night after), someone told me not to be scared of her and gave me numbers. (I recall asking her if this is it, that I will win the full jackpot and she answered "maybe".)

2nd, last week, I told myself, I have to try astral projection which I did a lot being young and without knowing it was that - I cannot remember what I saw, all I can say is, I can only recall that "strange feeling" of body separation.

So I tried this again and it worked, I talked to someone under my sister appearance and she gave me numbers but once again just 5 out of 7. And she told me it is not good for you to have all numbers. (I am just thinking this might only be my own fears talking.)

I know getting lottery numbers through Ap is possible as I did twice, but I just don"t know why I cannot have them all.

What can I do to have them all, what should I do?

Also I am still afraid of bad experience such as meeting bad spirits, bringing them into my reality without wanting so or knowing.

Can you help? I heard people saying someone is not leaving them alone since their astral projections.

I know I am a person who got a few strange experiences.

-asked for help the night and I woke up with a song in mind or with a few words that made sense regarding to my need (it happened many times)

-before I got pregnant I saw a boy a night in my dream and in my bedroom and this scared me as I am kind of afraid of gost. He wanted to say something to me and I did not listen.

-saw my grandfather who died a long time ago in my dream when I asked him "pardon" for not praying him. I remember seeing him also after he died in my dreams.

-when I was about 10 and upon taking the road for vacation. I got this urge feeling that we should not leave today as something is going to happen. I did not tell my parents, and we left. After being on the road for more than 6 hrs, the motor broke down (we lost a major piece), which caused us to stop our way to vacation and returned back home to buy another car. If I had told this to my dad, he could have saved the car just by checking it deeper.

-I also was crying after the death of a little girl (not even 2 years old) killed by her mum for more than a week. One night, while crying, I was looking at some stuffs on youtube regarding "meditation, angels...)

At a moment, in a white background screen, I saw a human body figure. Then right away I had a cold feeling on half of my right arm. And then when I went to bed, I turned on the baby video screen and I saw a face on it which was not my daughter's face but the one of this little girl.

I must admit that after this experience my thoughts changed regarding things we don't want to believe can exist.

So I need your help.


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lilaspro230 (1 stories) (1 posts)
9 years ago (2015-05-21)
thanks Anne, I am going to get more information as you suggest me.

Could you just tell me if bad things can happen to me while doing AP or not such as bringing a spirit into my reality, and hearing strange things during the day/night...

AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
9 years ago (2015-05-20)
Hi, you can read about AP and lottery wins on my sister site:
Also, I did an interview about that as well. If you're genuinely interested, read and listen to all of it. Only the true die-hards can accomplish this, not people who give up easily or fritter around with 'make me belive' stances. Find out for yourself by thorough research and work. I did.

Best to you.

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