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Help With Specter And Abilities


I need help in... Whatever way possible and I'm not sure how to get it. I've asked several friends and one is trying to help but hes in a different timezone so its difficult.

I've had what I believe to be, some sort of psychic empathy, for going on a few years now and I'm able to sense the presence of other things such as spirits. I've been able to see, hear, and feel things since I was at least 16. I can't really communicate with them but I can hear them from time to time which I believe to be a normal thing for almost every person.

Things were alright and fine until my "try to block things out" approach started to not work anymore. As I type this now I feel pain from my chest getting tighter as whatever is watching getting more upset about me telling people about him. But I feel if I don't tell someone that could help me he may start to harm me. I decided not to put this in the ghost stories section because it seems more than just a ghost siting and haunting but more of a, I kind of feel like I know what he wants but I'm unsure if I'm right.

Spirits have come to me before this one and actually physically harmed me and this one is doing the same. All my abilities are coming back with this specter and I do not wish to entertain anything of its sort.

I just really need some information on how I can possibly get these things to leave me alone, I feel like they follow me around and just me. I mean I know other people have problems with this kind of thing but no one else in my family seems to. They just seem to be attracted to me and I can't for the life of me figure it out

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Nightingale (145 posts)
9 years ago (2015-05-21)
Hello theonewhospeaks,
Often spirits are attracted to those who can feel or communicate with them. Are you able to feel his intentions?
Empathy and psychic communication can truly be gifts. Many ghosts mean you no harm, and I am sorry to hear that your experiences have been largely negative so far.
You must have some strength as a psychic if you have been able to block anything out before. You can enhance this by meditating regularly. Have you tried speaking mentally with any beings? You may be able to learn but it will take patience. You may find you can communicate what you want to this spirit just as he can project what he wants to you.
If you feel he could become a threat, and no one can help you who is there, communicating could be dangerous. I advise you not to try it while alone in your home, but it is likely your best option to either talk or get him to leave.
Chances are that blocking everything will not always work for you. Meditation can help you learn to control it. I am glad that you have accepted this as a part of you and I hope this advice helps.
Be safe and trust yourself,

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