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I'm 30 and have been obsessed with spiritual dimensions for the past 5 years after my first LSD trip expanded my reality. For the past six months I have been trying hard to open my third eye via intention, diet, detoxification, meditation, entheogens, acupuncture... Needless to say, it's working! I am sharing my experiences with you hoping to learn more about what is happening to me. This is all new territory and is quite mind blowing. Hopefully your comments can shed some light on what I have been seeing and offer me guidance and sanity!

'ORBS'. They are the first phenomena I have been noticing. Day or night, inside or outside, foreground or background, I see them everywhere! I discovered the 'Orbs' by shifting my focus away from physical objects, instead focusing on the air itself and the space between things. The 'Orbs' I've been seeing are very small and at first glance would be disregarded as visual noise, dust etc. Focusing on one however reveals they are something quite different! They are about the size of a pencil eraser and have a translucent halo-like quality. They move with an undeniable intelligence and often travel together in clusters similar in appearance to star constellations. When I notice one close to me it often has a faint trail (like a comet) or cloud surrounding it. I have also been seeing 'Squiggly Orbs' very similar in behavior but linear instead of dots, like a irregular 'W' for example. I see the same irregular 'W' quite often. I get the feeling that the 'Orbs' are looking at me.

'WHISPS' of energy. These look like little heat waves and turbulences of air. They catch me by surprise and disappear quickly. I see them inside and outside irrespective of lighting conditions.

'DARK SMOKE'. These look like little streams of black smoke flying around with a smooth fluid movement. When I see the 'Dark Smoke' at night it is the darkest thing in the room, almost as if it were non-reactive to light.

"ELECTRIC FLASHES". I usually only see this at night when the lighting is dim. These looks like faint blue lightening flashes, but are smoother and less irregular than lightening.

"AURAS". These are very subtle, but occasionally I will see energy above peoples heads that looks very similar to heat waves.

Now, the culmination! These phenomena seem to all be related and interact with me at night. When laying on my back in a dark room, I notice the faint blue "Electric Flashes" forming a basket ball size cloud several feet above my body. The other phenomena seem to emanate from this portal of 'Electric Flashes'. I notice 'Orbs' dropping down and 'Dark Smoke' flying around me. The intensity varies, but I have been experiencing this regularly for the past week. I often feel subtle sensations in my brain and body. One night I had the unmistakable feeling of a foreign energy entering my body and traveling up my spine. I was frozen for a couple seconds and woke up the next morning feeling drained. Despite the paranormality of these experiences, I am surprisingly not scared. Instead I feel honored to be experiencing this and am cautiously curious. Psychologically I feel like the same person, I'm just seeing and feeling new subtle dimensions.

One aspect I find rather disturbing is that some of the visual phenomena seem to now be attached to me. I notice subtle 'Whisps' of energy with a foggy nucleus floating around my peripheral vision. They will fly in front of my eye for me to notice them, then quickly retreat behind my head where they are out of sight. They seem to be unmistakably attached to me and close to my head.

I am fascinated with my new expanded reality and am trying to stay positive about these experiences. When I feel overwhelmed I envision a shield of loving light and ask my spirit guides, loved ones and God for protection. This all has come to me at a time where I feel lost with my life, career, sexuality and could use some divine intervention. I do not know if what I am interacting with is benign or malevolent but these experiences are beautiful and fascinating.

IMPORTANT NOTE- Despite my vivid descriptions, the visual phenomena I am seeing are very subtle and I have to 'look' for them in order to see them. I also can see them with my eyes open or closed, although they seem to be more detailed when my eyes are open.

I greatly encourage your comments, blessings, guidance and any help! I am flattered you have taken the time to read my story and hope at least you found it interesting.

LOVE, Stefan

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Gabbie (55 posts)
8 years ago (2016-06-17)

This world, consists of the Physical and the Spiritual. The human soul, itself, is of Light, of pure energy, which automatically makes them part of both the physical and the spiritual world. It's in our nature to be able to perceive them both of them. Sometimes we are born with that connection already awakened, and strong. Sometimes we realize it at some point throughout our lives. Some others, we never truly understand their nature and connection, because we are too absorbed into the physical world.

Within the spiritual, both good and bad beings exist. Energies, conscious and non conscious, beings, creatures, all roam free around us, influencing us in ways we don't even realize. In negative and positive ways. It is good to be open to the spiritual but do not forget about your safety. Make sure you cleanse yourself and shield well on a daily basis, to make sure these energies don't get stuck on you and mess with your mind, energy, and physical condition. It has occurred, many times, that people feel sick and drained, their mood to change continuously, and so on, and all caused by those energies and all else that exists in the spiritual.

In truth, you have no need of all these practices you are using, as of now. All you have to do is to look inside you and connect to your true and inner self and God.

If you feel like you need further guidance, or you just wish to discuss, don't hesitate to email me.

Talk soon

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