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Black Orb Of Death?


Ever since I was a young kid (around 4) I have been visited by spirits. For the most part these visits have manifested as visions or pranks that could not be performed by a human. Though I have been attacked by malicious spirits before most have been repelled by a soldier who has been seen by both myself and several shamans, mediums, and clairvoyants as well as normal people who are sensitive to spiritual presence. Over the last two weeks things have changed however.

I am normally gifted with heavy dreamless sleep but two weeks ago I started developing insomnia. When I do sleep I have terrible nightmares that leave me sweaty and shaking when I wake up. Three nights ago on Saturday the second of December, I was just getting into bed when I started to feel extremely cold. Thinking it was a draft I got under the covers but it didn't help. It continued to get cold until the area in my room was at minus 20 as recorded by my thermometer.

Already freezing I was further surprised by the sound of discordant music floating around my room. This went on for about ten minutes when I finally gathered the strength to look up. Floating near my head was an orb so dark that it stood out even in my pitch black room. I was only able to look at it for a second before overwhelming terror forced me to hide under the covers like a child scared of the dark. I was completely convinced that if I looked again I would die.

After fifteen minutes the music stopped and it warmed up. I went and looked in the mirror and my skin was blue like I had been near hypothermia. The next night I had convinced myself that it was just a hallucination brought about by the large amount of alcohol I had consumed the night before. I got into bed and settled into sleep. Before I could sleep however the temperature began to drop again. Once it reached minus 20 I began to hear what sounded like children screaming.

Opening my eyes I witnessed the black mass moving about my apartment in a frenzy. Once again I could not bear to look at it. At this time I am afraid for my life as this orb has brought me near hypothermia on two occasions now. Just speaking about it causes my pulse to go out of control and myself to start shaking uncontrollably. If anyone else has had an experience with this orb please tell me and tell me if you were able to stop it.

I do not want to move but it will not leave me alone. I've tried everything from smudging to prayer and my shaman friend who has helped me before will not even step foot in my apartment. I am living in terror right now. If you can help please do.

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Ven0m (18 posts)
5 years ago (2019-05-30)
Start believing in Jesus, Rebuke that Demon in Jesus name! Do research many many people has got rid of their attacks after using Jesus name, please try it you have nothing to loose even if you have a hard time to believe! Pray to Jesus to show you he is real, tell him you want the truth

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