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My Young Son


My son is only 11 years old and about a year or so ago he started saying he sees thing. He started with mean looking trolls on rooftops with spears. He now says he sees very tall dark figures. He sees them day and night, at home and away from home. He says some times he sees a big black spot with white dots that takes away the trolls. He doesn't know what this black spot is but it seems to protect. He says they scare him. The trolls sometimes throw the spares at him but they disappear in the grass. The trolls only seem to be outside but the dark figures can be any where. He has even seen them at school. He became afraid of the dark very suddenly around age 3- 4 and I have wondered if it is because of this. I don't think the dark figures have ever seemed to try and scare or harm him in anyway. I haven't ever heard of anyone seeing trolls and maybe that is just his way of explaining it. I have been told that maybe he needs to see a doctor about what he is seeing. I don't believe that my son is mentally sick. This has caused break downs at school and for a 5th grader that is the worst. He even asked other kids if they seen the same things he was seeing for them to make fun of him. This being said I need help and I don't know where to turn. I feel that this is spiritual. I as a child seen a spirit but nothing like this. I need to know how to help my child. I need to hear that someone else has had this kind of visions. Any input on how to help my son would be great or even if you have just experienced the same kind of visions.

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Xarath (guest)
7 years ago (2017-06-04)
Hello Ladsmom, As noted by babayag trolls are certainly a thing in the spiritual realms. Everyone can achieve this kind of sight but your Child seems to be a natural at it, in terms of the dark-shadow figures, these are not inherently "Evil", many shadow-lookg beings, demons or other entities are certainly good, just as not all light beings are "Good", if the entity has not, and does not attack him than It's best to leave the entity as is.
babayag (5 posts)
7 years ago (2017-05-30)
Hey Lads Mom, I had someone email my office about this the other day! So if okay, I'd like to answer it here.

Trolls are a normal thing in the earth spirit realm, and they're commonly discussed by children, kids and young teens up to around oh, I'd say the 5th or 6th grade, maybe a little later. Kids generally don't stop talking about these things until they get made fun of at school or chastised at home,

Mediums, clairvoyants and other seers don't really talk about trolls, but only because a lot of people and clients don't talk about them.

But... Trolls are totally a thing. So much so, there is a field guide on trolls called, A Field Guide to the Little People, which your son may be interested in reading, and with it, he may even be able to identify a few of the things he sees, which would be very validating for him. Plus it's kind of a neat little book with diagrams and what not.

If you and he lived in England, Iceland, or in any Northern Culture area, this wouldn't even be a blink of an issue. Trolls are more commonly discussed in Icelandic Culture. In fact, Trolls, little people and the like, were recently featured on a respectful episode of National Geographic (

I'm suggesting these things - the book and the Nat Geo special - as it sounds like your son may get afraid of seeing them or at some point, other people may try to stigmatize him, and it's important he knows it's normal and even kind of cool, before that happens. Because
Seeing earth spirits is kind of a special gift, not everyone can do it.

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