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I know this might sound unspecific, but I need help to understand these things that have been going on for my entire life. Since I was young I was seeing spirits, and I knew about things I shouldn't know, like I could read minds or predict the future, I've had dreams that aren't exactly predicting the future, but they give me hints about what is going to happen. I've had dreams about past lives or gotten memories that aren't mine. I know for certain I'm an empath, and I know that sometimes other's energy effects my own. Animals have even been known to be attracted to me, animals that would never go up to strangers do it with me. My mother says this kind of thing travels in our family, it began with my grandmother, though not as strong, and was passed down to her. Thus far, I have had it the strongest in my family. One of my close cousins has been showing signs of seeing spirits as well, though, she is years younger than I am. Six or so. I want to know what this all is, or why it's happening or even if it has some form of non-paranormal explanation. I'm not a religious person, and I have my own ideas of how things in the universe work, but I will keep an open mind with any suggestions.

It's going on for the entire 18 years I've been alive, and I still don't know what any of it is. I guess I just want answers for it, or at the very least, learn ways to control these things, as they have become overwhelming before. If any of you have any ideas of this is, it would be great to have some suggestions. I like to keep an open mind about things, so I won't rule anything out.

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gthlvrmx (64 posts)
6 years ago (2017-05-28)
Hello maggot Boy,

Seeing spirits, or ghosts, means you are a medium. Reading minds, or hearing other living people's thoughts means you telepathic. Having dreams that have information of the future that come true means you have precognition or clairvoyance (clear seeing- in your case, you clearly see spiritual beings and through time in your dreams). Having dreams about past lives is normal as well, many people have had past lives and remember bits and pieces. Sometimes, when you go to a place where you have been in in your past life, you get the "dejavu" feeling similar to a precognitive dream or vision of the future.

Having dreams that are memories of other currently living people, that has happened to me as well and the only thing I can think of as to why it happens is that it is a part of the gift of telepathy since in the dreams I was "in their shoes".

Being an empath simply means you feel other people's emotions and sometimes take them on as if they are your own, which can become troublesome and make you feel sick.

For that, you can try White Light Shields. Here is a link:
Or simply ask Archangel Michael every morning: "Archangel Michael, please put White Light Shields around me now. Thank you."

If you ever collect other people's emotions and can't shake them off or you're getting physical symptoms like headaches, you can imagine a ball of light at your feet and dump all those other people's emotions into the ball of light. When you feel ready, send the ball of light deep into the Earth and you are finished. The Earth will transform it all into positive energy.

Or, you can imagine wearing a backpack and dump the emotions and energy in there, hand it to your angels and ask them to do something positive with it all.

I also like to create land hooks. Basically, I imagine a rope of energy coming out of the back of my solar plexus chakra (which is around my belly region) and add a big hook at the end. I anchor it into the ground and let it drag behind me. As I travel long distances, my excess energy, which includes others emotions, get transformed into positive, healing energy by the Earth.

I hope that help.
teslajoule3 (2 posts)
6 years ago (2017-05-23)
I want to start a tread for interpretation of a vision in which I can see the face... Think its me but not sure... New to this

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