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Coincidence, Or Prediction


Lately, everything I've said just to say, has come true. I wanted my boyfriend to meet my crazy extended family that we were previously estranged from. Just recently we had a death in the family so he met them at the wake/funeral. I even mentioned it'd have to be a funeral for everyone to come together. I also looked at a blazer I had hanging in my closet and thought to myself "I wish I had a reason to wear this", and indeed finally wore it to the wake after years of it hanging in my closet. Not only these things but I not-seriously mentioned who the funeral would be for, knowing that they would pass at some point due to their drug habits. But they had recently been getting better they were even restarting their life, so it was quite a shocker and still stings due to our close relationship.

Besides these examples, I have been able to walk outside when I feel like someone is approaching my house, namely my boyfriend. I even tend to text him at the exact same time he texts me, I will simply text him, "are you awake yet", and he'll message me back immediately claiming he had just sat up from bed when I texted him.

Regarding the death in my family I have smelt faint scents that use to revolve around my deceased relative, like smelling cigarettes in my room meanwhile no one else will smell it. Or his scent that I remember well from when he was here with us will stink up my room randomly.

There are many other incidents such as the other day there was a water bottle sitting on my ottoman with the cap off, looking down I wondered who had left it in that state and closed it. A few seconds later someone fell and knocked the water bottle off the furniture.

It's a little freaky for myself to say the least and I guess wanted to be reassured that this happens to others? I even feel guilty about my family member who passed away because I loved them and hate what I said before. Thanks.

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JeccaN (2 posts)
7 years ago (2017-06-02)
1. You are not crazy, the scenarios you describe happen to other people too, possibly everyone has such experiences tho there seems to be only a few of us who are "sensitive" or paying attention enough to really take notice of these "coincidences" on a regular basis.
2. Its cool that you and your seem to have that telepathic/6th sense link where you naturally "sense" eachother's energy. This is frequently the case with the people we are closest to. I think everyone has this ability tho again not everyone is able to consciously register such experiences, at least not regularly. Also it seems that this link is stronger with some of our loved ones than others, for example you notice this strong ESP connection with your current boyfriend but perhaps you haven't noticed it much or at all with other people in your life who you also share a close emotional bond with. In my experience, the people that we have an obvious, strong ESP connection to are people who also have heightened abilities, whether they know it or not, so the connection goes both ways and is therefore stronger.
3. It is interesting that you said that its the seemingly "random" things or "things you just blurt out" that seem to "come true". I think what you are referring to is the things that just come to you when you are say daydreaming or "spacing out" i.e. Letting your mind wander, not thinking about anything concrete in particular. It is interesting because again, this is similar to my personal experience and the experiences of many others who are psychic. What is going on here is that when you "daydream", space out, or whatever you want to call it, your brain switches from its normal, conscious, aware brain wave state which consists primarily of alpha waves (pattern observed on EEG) to a predominantly theta wave state. The theta wave state seems to be particularly attuned to all kinds of psychic or ESP information and many mediums and psychics (almost all that have come across or read about) describe getting themselves into a theta wave state when they receive their psychic information, channel spirit, etc.
4. Don't feel guilty, you did not cause any of the events you "predicted" and you most certainly had absolutely nothing to do with your loved one's passing. You are sensitive and you picked up on the energy that was there in the days/weeks/moments ahead of these events but that does not mean you caused them or that you could have done anything to prevent or change them. I suspect that if there was something you could have done for your loved one, that you would have had the premonition come to you much more strongly, clearly and with a sense of urgency to intervene rather than a vague awareness on feeling that they will pass soon.

ANyway, good luck to you, I hope some of that helps to reassure you at least. You have a gift and I hope you continue to develop it and it serves you well in life.

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