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I am 13 and a few weeks ago I started being able to predict some people's choices. For example, the first time it happened: I was at school and predicted which direction of the hallway a person will come from in order to get to class. An hour later I started predicting the direction that they (certain people that I decided to try to predict) will leave the classroom. All of them were correct. I thought this was kind of fun and started to do it a lot and 2 weeks later it stopped working for a week. Then it came back. I was able to predict choices for Bingo the game, the choices were made by the person running the game. Also, there was this once, I told my friend that my friend is going to walk left out of the library to the bus bay. Left was the longer route, right is shorter. My friend said that he doesn't think so and talked to that "someone". "Someone" (i'm just protecting identities here) simply did not care and took the longer route. I am also able to predict what choices people make on a game that essentially let's the player decide to go left of right.

So from my first person view, when I try to predict something, like direction of the hallway, I would first think of the person that I am trying to predict (it doesn't just "come" to me), then I will picture the possible choices there are (the floor and doors), and normally the first one that I "feel" right is the right one. Sometimes I would debate in my mind. Eventually when I get to the one that I think is right I can feel it is right.

However it doesn't work on everyone. There are some people's choices that I can't predict because I'm not sure how many choices there are and normally if the choices exceed 4 or 5 my mind is a jumble. Is this really psychic or just chance predictions from the information I gather subconsciously? If it is actually psychic, what type? Clairvoyance or precognition (Yes I did my research)? Are there people sort of like me?

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