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Prediction Of, Death, Accidents, And Natural Disasters


My name is James and I'm 31 years old from England, since being about 13 I started to predict people's deaths and have predicted over 50 in the last 18 years. I have also seen accidents like the London under ground bombings and the twin towers before they happened. I told my girlfriend and she couldn't believe it when it happened, I have also predicted 4 major world disasters, I'm currently in Spain at the moment and saw there was a bull fight advertised. I spoke to a lady in a restaurant about it and she told me all about how they starve the bull and keep it in the dark then drain its blood. Yes I no not nice and I hate unnecessary harm coming to any living thing. So on the night of the bull fight I decided to take a walk, the bull ring is behind the apartment were I am staying, for some unknown reason I was led to the ring and I walked around the perimeter where I heard people chanting and laughing coming from inside the stadium, straight away I thought about the bull and said in my head (don't give up and get him back), the next thing I heard everyone screaming and the bull had killed him, first person to die in a bull ring in 30 years, so I'm asking for help as I don't want my mind to hurt people anymore. I'm starting to blame myself now for these freak incidents and I'm starting to believe that I'm the bad person, as you can imagine living with this illness has played its toll and I just want rid of it please can some one out there with this as experience help me as I don't want anyone else hurt.

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MissCherokee (2 stories) (20 posts)
7 years ago (2016-10-27)
I don't think you caused the death of the matador at the bull fight. If there hasn't been a death in the bull ring for over 30 years, well a fatality was / is bound to happen. What an awful thing to witness, and I don't think you told the bull to kill the matador... You said 'don't give up, and get him back '... That to me doesn't appear to suggest you influenced the bull to kill the matador. These powerful abilities to see into the future, especially of deaths and horrific events are not as uncommon as one would think. You are not the cause of accidents or deaths just because you had a premonition before the event happened. You don't have any control over that. Which is frustrating because why get the foreknowledge of such things if you are unable or don't understand what to do with the information, let alone get anyone else to listen, understand or heed a warning. I too had to come to terms with foreseeing a person's death, and then wondering anxiously what it is I should do with that information... I realized I was getting that information for some reason, and then prayed about what I was to do... And when the answer came, I would do what the Lord impressed upon me to do. That is the end of my responsibility. However, I came to realize that if I ignored the message, or was too embarrassed to approach some one, then I was not keeping the end of my responsibility. It took a while, but I figured out that it doesn't really matter what other people think of what I am impressed upon to pass on to them. Warnings. Encouraging other family members to visit the person, and encourage warm relationships because one never knows when it is the last time you may see some one on this mortal realm. Who knows? If I get a vision, and relate it to the person I received it about, they have the possibility or option of maybe changing it... That hasn't happened yet... Frustrating... But also the fact that I am willing to relay a premonition has slowed it way down... You are not a freak. You are learning stuff that most people don't or won't talk to one another about, let alone give advice or relate their own experiences. Be of good cheer... I think it will eventually slow down and not be as often or intense.
keyofallsouls (1 stories) (22 posts)
8 years ago (2016-07-13)
You weren't the cause of the man's death by the bull. Seeing and knowing death is haunting in itself. Things are shown to us for reasons and sometimes they are shown to us because for the simple fact that we can see them. I'm thinking you could be empathetic and are able to pick up the energies of the events of future tragedies regardless of how big or small they are. Our reality only has the manifestation of dates and time, the energies we see, hear, taste, smell, and feel are not bound by that restriction. I'm pretty sure you are able to just pick up and respond to the energies surrounding you. It can be very overwhelming and even scary at times. Other times... Its nice to say the least.

Don't hold yourself over this so much. It is because you feel bad and stuff is how you know that you are not the cause nor the reason for any deaths'. If this ability is causing more grief and discord than you bargained for, I suggest ignoring it or trying to figure out how to enhance your abilities to only sense energies that impact you directly. I hope that makes sense ahahaha.

Hope this could ease your mind a bit:3

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