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I have psychic Telemetry. Do else of you have this ability? I discovered it by accident. By touching the letter of my deceased aunt, she communicated with me as a medium. I was I was about 14.

My mom gave me a letter to put on her dresser in 1980 it was of her Aunt Slyvia. In Georgia. Slyvia would write letters to my mother back and forth. My mom had a mental illness so no other family members would correspond with her. Me, my little sister Gina and brother Sean along with father Richard were the only friends my mother had.

But there was also Slyvia. She married my mother's uncle Ray Williams a Army Vet. Slyvia wrote my mother once a month. She called my mother frequently. Slyvia lived in Georgia. And we lived in Illinois. The letter had come late that week. And my mother walked to our front porch in the town of Romeoville Illinois. The house was brand new ranch but Built on a slab. We lived at 59 Abbeywood drive Romeoville Illinos.

My mother Hellen walked to the mailbox at 10 am and it was a bright sunny Saturday morning she set the letter on her tv set in her bedroom while she went into the kitchen to cook. While she was gone I peeked at the letter. It was opened I quickly glaced at the leter. It seemed cheerful. Aunt Slyvia was always so kind to my mother and so happy. I quickly put the letter down when I heard my mother walking around closer to her room. I quickly walked into my room. The day proceeded as a normal routine for Saturday.

That week proceeded as normal me my brother Sean went to school. I was going to West or Ward Middle School in Romeoville Illinois The school days went on as normal and then the weekend came and it was fun again for me and my brother and little sister Gina.

That weekend I feel asleep in my bedroom. I went into a dream and dreamed Aunt Slyvia came to me in the dream. Aunt Slyvia was wearing a white gown. She was glowing. She came up to me and said "Carri I want you to tell your mother Hellen that I died." Slvia looked into my eyes, and then she vanished. I woke up at that point and it was a bright sunny day. I went up to my mother she was lying in bed. "Mom, Aunt Slyvia died." "Mom, got up groggy." She stood up and looked sleepy. "Carri, Aunt Slyvia is not dead, Ray would have called me." A day passed and I pressed mom to call Ray. "Mom call Ray and check on Aunt Slyvia" "Alright Carri, I will call Ray." I saw mom pick up the telephone an old dial phone. I saw her dialing Rays number in Georgia. Ring, Ring. I could hear the phone ringing. "Hello. Who is this?" "Ray this is Hellen." "Hellen, I need to tell you something." "What is it Ray." "Slyvia died last week." "Mom continued to talk to Ray for a while. The funeral had already been done. I had heard. Mom slammed down the phone on the receiver and hung it up. "You were right Carri. She died." "She died last week." "Carri, I can't believe you dreamed that."

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viper564261 (7 posts)
6 years ago (2016-07-17)
Hi Carri.

It's a sad, but peaceful story. The fact that your mother's aunt were glowing. It is a form of peace.

And for your question, there are a lot of cases where psychics and even non psychics (those who can see spirits etc and those who can't), are able to see spirits in dreams and not by eye.

For that there are many reasons. Sometimes you don't have enough energy to see them, or you are not focused, or you are stressed etc.

Or the spirit that communicates with you may be weak or can't find a way to communicate directly (to a psychic they can show themselves better, using less effort and power. And for non psychics, they need more effort and power to show themselves. Its not always clear as in what prevent spirits from communicating. It may also be a persons guardian that blocks connection).

That is why in most cases, a spirit/entity will communicate with you in your dreams. Because it is easier, and its when a person is more peaceful and in a way focused. Because when we dream, we don't necessarily dream about all the stress and dangers of the world. But we are in a sub concsious level.

In other words. Spirits can communicate with anyone if they really need/want to communicate.

Hope that answered your question.

And I hope it will share some light to others aswel. But remember, its my opinion. On how I see things, and what I found for myself over the years, by reading and 1st hand experience of the paranormal.

If anyone can add their opinion, I'd like to hear from everyone who wants to.


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