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Spirit Turned On The Gas


I was told at work we have a part shortage. No gas caps for the cars we are building. The supplier in Indiana got hit by a tornado and the semi trucks could not get the supplies for a couple of weeks. The supplies are supposed to be trucked up to northern Illinois. But since the tornado hit the supplier we could not build our cars in the factory. Well we had enough build to finish out our work week. We were told at work we were going to be laid off for 10 days to further notice. This lay off would effect about 3000 employees.

In the mist all this going on in my work week I had another incident. While working in the factory the light right by me shorted out. Then a day later in the parking lot all the parking lot street lights went out. The plant told me later for maintenance of the parking lot. It was so dark that morning I got out that I could not find my car in the dark. It was 4:30 am and a cloudy morning. That morning I arrived home and went to sleep. I turned on the air conditioner in my bedroom and shut the door. I was praying right before I fell asleep for God to forgive all my family members who have gone to purgatory or hell. I saw the morning sun coming up and put a black towel over my eyes and head to fall asleep. To block the morning sun.

On that Thursday afternoon I woke up at at 2:30 pm. I opened up my bedroom door to the alarm sounding. I smelled gas as I opened up the door. I bent over and looked at the stove as I put my coffee in the microwave to wake up and noticed the gas still spewing out, sleepy. Immediately, I shut off the single gas burner spewing out gas. The room was filled with noxious gas fumes. I turned on all air conditioners and turned on vent fans on stove to get the gas out of the house. A few minutes later as I was packing my lunch for work. I got a phone call from Kansas my adult kids had a gas leak in their mobile home. The gas company went to their mobile home turned on the gas at 2 pm and discovered a massive leak. They fixed one gas pipe and then discovered another gas leak.

Now a few months earlier in the winter I woke up to 3 burners with gas spewing out. I blamed my son. But now I think it was a spirit that did that. My son wanted money that day. I was telling him to go and get a job we were arguing and I was working and woke up to gas fumes spewing while me and my daughter was asleep. My son was awake in his room playing video games. Now my point really is I woke up to gas fumes this time and it was a prediction again. My adult kids had a massive gas leak in their mobile home and my psychic prediction was right on.

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