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A Combination Of Werid Things


Ever since I was 10 I have been able to do a series of weird and random things. Here they are:

I can make my hands and any part of my body tingle really intensely and if I place my hands together in a praying position and space them apart a bit it feels like there is something in-between them. Sometimes it can take minutes to do this or hours. This was the first thing that happened to me.

Next I was able to see a fuzzyness in the air and colours around objects and people. After a while I was able to see the air move like the sea and the fuzzyness started to become a colour that I can't even explain. I can see the fuzzyness best in the complete dark and while in the dark I can see things moving out of the corner of my eye. Also if I'm in the dark and I do the tingling thing on my hands from before and look at them it seems as if the fuzzyness is seeping into my hands.

Also if I concentrate on a certain point on my body it feels as if there is a force or something pushing against it. Just like when I do the tingle thing and place my hands together in a praying position it feels like there is something pushing against my hands wanting to break free...

And the most recent thing that has happened to me is that I can "feel" everything within a 5ft radius and I have an heightened sense of my body. If I try to move but tell myself I can't move I can feel something else that I can't quite explain, something that I know I can move but I can't like if I broke a body part and couldn't move it.

Altogether, I have no idea what any of this could be as I said before it started when I was 10 and now I'm 14 all of these things have happened in chronological order as I have put them. Right now I'm just scared and looking for someone to explain to me what this is. I've searched everywhere but found no answers, no-one else describing what I do. I'm pretty sure the colours are auras and my colour is indigo. Again I have no idea what most of this means, I'm just looking for guidance or some explanation I'm new to this so if I got anything wrong then please excuse me. Thanks.

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Iankenyon (1 posts)
6 years ago (2016-09-05)
In the second paragraph you said sometimes you can feel things through your hands, well that's normal I can do it too. The thing in between your hands is energy off of your body. The third paragraph you said you can see colors around people, that is also normal it's called an aura. It is the layer of energy around people. Different colors mean different things about people. Hope this helped!
kimmykay (2 posts)
6 years ago (2016-09-03)
I have no answers and looking too. As a child I had the same experiences. Talking to my christian youth pastor at a spirit filled church helped alot. I felt both good and evil forces. Like they were battling around me. I felt things and saw things. Pray that you are protected from the evil forces and if you feel forces farther away from you. It is then you pray for protection for other people that need your help.

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