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Auto Accident


I have had several psychic experiences over the course of my life. They come randomly, so I never know when to expect them. I cannot will these occurrences, or explain them. Often, only later analysis reveals the truth of the experience. I can with all candor say that without prejudice, all are verifiable.

I will discuss three of them only, because they involved other people, who were affected by the phenomena.

One - I am driving on a freeway. I suddenly begin thinking of a friend that I had not seen or contacted for several years. I am wondering where he could be. I am coming upon an intersection of two freeways, and I begin thinking, he could be near, although I have no reason to believe this. As other cars merge with our traffic, I see a small VW Rabbit joining from the other freeway - it is about 500 yards ahead of me. I begin thinking that my friend might even be in that automobile, although he had never owned such a vehicle while I knew him. I sped up to catch up, and drew along side. Of course, he was driving, and shocked to see me. We pulled over at the next exit, and the first words from his mouth when he got out of his car were, "I can't believe it! I was thinking of you!"

Two - I am sleeping next to my girlfriend, and had a vivid dream. I am moving through a very narrow hallway, toward a lighted room. As I reach the room, I see that it is a bathroom. A small boy is standing next to a bathtub. He is soaking wet, and sobbing. I know that his name is Aaron and he is my son. He looks at me and cries out, "I don't want to die again". My girlfriend is sitting next to him, with a towel across her lap, and seems not to notice. I wake up. It is 4:00am, so I wait until morning to tell my girlfriend that she is pregnant. She laughs, and does not believe me, because she had a medical condition some 15 years past, and her doctor had told her that she would never be able to get pregnant again. After work I stopped and picked up a pregnancy test kit on the way home, and asked her to use it. She was stunned to discover that she was, in fact, pregnant. Three weeks later she miscarried.

Three - Last night I was reading in bed and suddenly I was driving an automobile. I looked up and instantly realized that I was only a few feet from another automobile, stopped in front of me, and I was moving at a high rate of speed - already way too late to avoid the collision. I jammed my foot down on the brake and was instantly back, looking at my book. At first I thought that I had dozed off, and had a very short nightmare, but after a few moments I realized that I had not fallen asleep. I was with somebody, somewhere, who rear-ended another automobile. I don't know whether they survived or not, or even who it might have been. I will be checking with all of my relatives, and have checked the local overnight accident records, but have found nothing. This happened at approximately 2:45 am MT, 12/23/2017.

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