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So, about a year ago I suddenly developed a fear of driving. I had never had any problem with travelling in a car before, but now I imagined getting into a car crash all the time. Eventually I was so convinced that I was going to be in a car crash, I resigned myself to my fate and just held on to the car handle whenever I travelled in a car.

Anyway, after a few months of living in fear of being in a car crash, I was in a car crash. My sister was driving, and she basically just lost control of the car for no apparent reason and the car spun off the road (pictures included). Luckily no one was hurt, but I couldn't help thinking about the random fear I had developed of cars.

After the accident, I actually STOPPED being scared of driving. It was as if I knew I would not be in another car crash.

Then a few months ago, I suddenly kept imagining myself having a riding accident. I imagined myself falling off my horse, and breaking my wrist. However, I thought nothing of it and carried on riding as usual. Two months ago, I fell off my horse while show jumping and broke my wrist. It was not a particuarly bad fall, I just landed awkwardly.

Now, I keep imagining my whole family dying. I'm absolutely terrified because it seems as though I may have preempted the last two accidents. I don't know whether this is just coincidence, or whether I really did see the future! If I am "clairvoyant", then do I need to be worried about my family? Or am I just paranoid because of the last two accidents? I am getting really worried about my family, when I am at school I almost expect a phone call telling me my family is dead: (

Thanks for any advice!

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mazab84 (2 stories) (71 posts)
11 years ago (2012-10-06)
Hi Orsini-I've had premonitions for many years now. They can be very mundane at the least to full scale global events. I can have them weeks or days before the actual event or at the most a year. They can be repetitive or a one off before the incident happens but what I have learned to open myself up to is how you interpret the "dreams".I can automatically tell the difference between the run of the mill images you have that ties into the past days or weeks events & the detail I have when its pregognition. I have a dream journal I write in that helps me pour the details & emotions out (i'm also an empath) onto paper & it gets it off my chest. I learnt to do this the hard way as I would be affected for many days after a prem. It was mentally & emotionally exhausting. The only thing I can offer is ask yourself what your viewpoint is in the dreams. Sometimes I see it from my own eyes as if I was there experiencing it. Other times i'm actually myself & it relates to my life & other times i'm a silent on-looker that is very distanced to what is playing out infront of me.
I hope that this makes sense.
Kind reguards
orsini (1 stories) (1 posts)
11 years ago (2012-10-04)
thanks for the replies! So curiouscraig, are you saying that because I thought these accidents would happen, I made them happen?
I do have an active imagination but it seems odd that I would imagine things that actually ended up happening, and are not very common occurences. I think if I told my family I think that I they are going to die soon, they would just laugh at me 😢 I suppose it can't hurt to pray 😊
curiouscraig (1 stories) (1 posts)
11 years ago (2012-10-04)
its called vibration thinking basically you was making this happen by thinking it to much you thoughts as well as everything we say and do effects the universe so you gave out the negative energy that made it happen a person who thinks negative will have a negative life it sucks but I know it to be true
Narcro (guest)
11 years ago (2012-10-03)
I have a feeling that after these 2 experiences you are ready to accept anything as a... Warning... This may just be your subconscious emerging and reminding you of (your most likely) fear of losing loved ones. It could very possibly be just a over active imagination. That doesn't mean you can immediately play it off as your imagination though... Accept any possibility. Just be careful and I wish you and your family the best of luck!:D
max727272 (2 stories) (38 posts)
11 years ago (2012-10-03)
That sounds tough. Honestly, I don't really think your feelings were simply coincidence. That's an incredible ability, too, and useful to have. I think you should learn more about it and what other things (positive, ofcourse) you can do. About your family, I really feel for you. Whether its paronoia or not, I think you should at least tell them about it. And if they are open to these kinds of things, maybe you could talk to them about the whole thing (if you haven't already) or someone you trust. Even if there not really open to the idea, I would still tell them. I hear of people all the time who trust there instincts and it gets them out of bad situations. Just be cautious, but don't worry too much. Maybe you could pray to ArchAngel Michael and for your family's protection. I wish you and your family the best.

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