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Predicting And Or Premonition Of A Car Accident -


I wanted to share an experience that I had (I have had a number of them and have mentioned them in another post)

I had this experience with my cousin who I was very close with. Lucky for me I come from a family of believers so no one thought we were crazy

I had been having a sleep over at my cousins house. In the morning at some point which from what I recall due to looking at the digital alarm clock was about 9am, my aunty came in to tell us that her older daughter (so my cousins sister) had been in a car accident but she was okay. My cousin who was sleeping in the bed next to me was awake and looked up at me and we both went wow lucky etc. We both put our heads down for a moment and suddenly I woke up and it was 11. 30 am. We both awoke at the same time and said how did we fall back asleep!? And started talking about the accident to each other about how lucky her sister was and we should get up to get some details and see if she okay. We got out of bed and called to my aunty who was doing laundry and we said to her what happened with Lucy is she okay? And she looked at us funny and said what do you mean? She is out with her boyfriend. Then the house phone rang and she went and answered it and her faced dropped and she quickly hung up and said Lucy just got into a car accident we have to go there now to go and get her. She is okay, etc all that stuff.

According to the police report she had the accident about 11. 20 am

My cousin and I still can't explain it to this day. The fact that both of us heard my aunty come into the room and tell us at 9 am approx!

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