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What Am I? Or I'm My Head?


I always guess things right. I've always see outlines and lately colors are everywhere. It's gotta very intense. Researching what it is, Call aura. I walk into my class and everyone is glowing. It's really normal for me cause I've been seeing this for years now. I also see energy around us all times. Had out of body experiments. Lucid dreams a lot. Here's is my story.

This used to happen a lot but I found a way to stop kinda.

Every time I take a shower ill see a black shadow behind me on the reflection

Of mine shampoo bottle. Ill turn around and it's just a white wall then look

At the bottle and there it is again. Then a uneasy feeling comes towards me

Lately I don't look at anything anymore. But feel it's presents there.

All the time I get this feeling that just wash over y body like when someone just came in

I can't make the feeling go away. I get chills so much. Ringing in my ears when I try to hear something. Then I see black or white shadow come towards me. Even during school.

The aura thing I don't want to touch people cause I might feel what their feeling I know this cause other people can. Since I can tell what their feeling really good.I'm just afraid I can feel it too. Maybe it already did cause sometimes big pile of energy hits me and feel down can't barely walk.

I think I made fire move maybe it's in my head and quite impossible but just in case yeah.

I get up and see blackness around me. Happens so much a couple months ago not so much now.

Hear voices a little but it's mostly ringing like I said before.

Please just help me I'm only 14 turning 15 next month. Trying to understand this.

Also I try meditating and saw a shadow next to me. Okay thank you for reading.

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MrE (1 stories) (168 posts)
8 years ago (2014-03-05)
Your emotions are getting to you a bit, it seems, from reading this post and the next.

The ringing in your ears is most likely a sign of heightened blood pressure, because you are so tense in regards to everything that is going on.

When you meditate, I can only imagine images come to your mind, or you even see things. That is the nature of how meditation works... Spirits put images into your mind when you clear it.
Or, if someone or something is actively manipulating energy to affect you or your life somehow, you see images relating to it.

You NEED to overcome your fear.

I know how over powering it can be when you touch someone else and their emotions bleed over.

The only way I know of to be able to effectively deal with it is to find a way to "remove yourself"... Then, when their emotions come through, you can let it flow through like water through a straw.

Otherwise, your energy gets in the way, and blocks their energy from flowing through.
Then it gets backed up inside of you. Not the best thing in the least.

You might consider getting your parents to let you see a psycologist.
I stress psycologist over psychiatrist, for a very specific reason. Psycologists do NOT prescribe meds.
They discuss, and examine.

Having someone to talk to in detail about this things would likely do you a world of good.

Like I mentioned before in another one of your stories...
Meditate, exercise, and eat well.

You keep up with that, everything else will fall in place.

Take care, goodluck, God bless.

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