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Birthday Surprise And Vision Flashes


my birthday was on march 18, I turn 15. I knew what I can see but still don't understand any of it but here it goes.

During school I was doing math class work then outta nowhere I close my eyes and saw a boy kick something. When I mean close my eyes I mean I just blink but when I saw the image I felt like hours of looking at it.

Later on I was taking a shower and when I blink I saw a little girl with her eyes close up it scare me so bad! I wasn't thinking of anything. Are these vision I'm getting? It's Thursday I haven't see anything else.

A little bit to tell you about myself

For years I came white outlines which learning call " aura" I can now see colors I've been practicings on that

I can feel people's emotions only when I want it too. Sometimes I feel drained when I walk into a room.

I Had out of body experiments when I was little. Lucid dreams before not anymore

I see spirits sometimes like their full body. See energy also shadows. Lots of shadows. Also I have feelings about this person and later on something bad happens to them: (I'm not sure why I have this. There's nothing I can do about it but to keep on going further to see what's there. Even though I don't know what I'm seeing or hearing. I can't talk to any body about this no one will understand. I just need help. I'm so confused. So please just explain to me. Ill do what I can. I won't give up.

That's pretty much has happen. Can someone tell me what am I? Or just going nuts? Please help ill appreciate it. Thanks

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NightWind13 (47 posts)
10 years ago (2014-07-21)
If you feel the emotions of the others like they were yours then you are an empath. Dont worry about the things you see when you close your eyes, theyre just visions. And I have had out of body experiences too 😁. And youre not going nuts this is all real even the shadows or ghosts...
MrE (1 stories) (168 posts)
10 years ago (2014-03-24)
I've had a truck teleport on it.

I was literally staring at it, and as the cops shined their light on it, it dematerialized in one spot, and appeared in another.

The worst possible spot for me at the time.

I had scared one person fairly badly when things got rough for me, and I had recieved a restraining order.

I was seeing a lot of strange things, and I was just going to dissappear.

And all the streets and streets signs kept changing, to look like that person's house.

So I finally stopped the car at what I thought was some distance away, and ended up knocking on the nearest door, which was that person's door.

Around that time, I was seeing animals run next to my car, trying to get me to go in a direction, and glowing red/green footprints in the middle of the road.

That doesn't even come close to the experience I had after the cops took me in to the holding tank.

Just work on your basics (grounding, cleansing, shielding) and you should be fine.

And do what theo mentioned, get sleep, and stay active.
theo (1 stories) (7 posts)
10 years ago (2014-03-24)
First off, as young as you are- have you done any drugs? If so, I would advice you to quit because it sounds like you're close enough to the edge already, and drugs are only going to make it infinitely more extreme.

That said, I'm a male who just turned 30 so there's quite the gap, but I've experienced lucid visions like you described at times, and it's hard to make sense of any of it. While I didn't acknowledge it then (how could I have known?), those visions were the lead up to extreme paranormal experiences and my first (and hopefully last) trip to the crazy house.

People don't understand or can't grasp the power and part the brain plays in experiencing weird things. For instance, normal people just assume that if they were to see a ghost/spirit that it should just show itself. What they don't understand is that our minds need to be in a place or that it needs to build up to seeing or experiencing something of that sorts. So to put it bluntly, you are going 'crazy,' but that's what other people will deem it as. For me, the visions were weird but I was cool with it as long as it was in my head. I kept going into the sun and through it, and also kept seeing this beautiful girl with long black hair who I could feel even touching me. I experienced this several times for a couple of days at a time and just thought it was lack of sleep, having too much fun, and dancing. I never knew what it could turn into, which is that it's real. My example of that is I literally had a king of clubs change into a 7 of clubs while playing cards with friends one evening which kicked off my week of heaven and hell. When crazy things are happening to and around you, you go crazy yourself. Thankfully, a friend finally called the cops and told them I was in danger of hurting myself and was taken to the hospital where I was admitted to a mental health facility for a week. It took several days there to finally come down and to tone down what was with me, which was this female spirit who I had met and became connected with. I literally saw her on three occasions and she had long dark hair every time- just like my visions.

My advice to you is to sleep right, be active in school (sports, plays, etc.) and to get help if your world starts going crazy. Being as young as you are, I'm scared for you possibly experiencing really bad things, and if I were you I would make strides in preventing that. You've got your whole life ahead of you to figure this out- don't let it detract you, especially at such a young age. While there's some things you can't and won't be able to control, if you're meant to have a psychotic break/shamanic crisis, I would try and delay it until as long as possible- that's all.

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