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A Child Being Buried


I do hope that title intrigued you, Or whoever is reading this. See it has been happening for months now, 3 exactly. I see a child in a field. Just outside of London, Ontario (have a strong feeling that's where it is). Now this is where I keep getting blurred by something (not exactly sure what it is). You know like something trying to block out my ability to see this. Anyways continuing I see a Child in a field, a corn field. Chasing a man. Its after dark. See me and my mother have worked at this and something blocks her too. She is chasing a man in his 40's or so. He just buries someone every time, I think its her brother. She chases him, he grabs her. That's it, story over. I seek help for this because I keep seeing it and know it's not me seeing things. Anyone have any idea what I should do? I am not going to the police until I know more.

Don't read unless seeking proof of abilities. This is just for people who really want to help, me and my mother both have been told we are strong. Very strong, she is in her late 30"s and I am only 14 (no its not the hormones causing my abilities). I have seen plenty and heard plenty from my relatives about this, they don't really have a clue what psychic is. Now she has seen more than me. She has found killers and once me and my friend from getting hit by a truck. Late one night we were biking around and this truck just spun. Out of nowhere I heard her voice and before the truck spun out I yelled at him to go into the ditch. Just extra proof to prove i'm not low-balling or lying about about my abilities and hers.

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vhoff38 (1 stories) (37 posts)
10 years ago (2014-03-30)
Have you talked to a psychic to find out if they can help you? And if not with my psychic powers I have just what you have put on here I get the feeling that something did happened where you are saying and if I were you I would find out if something did happen in that area and then if you true it will be prof that you are a empathy.

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