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Psychic Powers Growing, Curious


To start off, it all began at about 6 years old. At 6 years old I was beginning to see spirits sometimes, but in particular my grandfather that I was close to would come and visit me. I would talk for hours with him in my room at night--although one night I was visited by this man robed in black, with dark energy flowing around him. My grandfather turned the being away from me, and I remember the words, "Not Ready" come from him. The being turned around and walked in to the darkness and vanished. For years after I had just regarded this situation to a dream. I saw it as a very vidid dream that was just unforgettable.

So let's talk about more recently, being within the last 8 months of my life, more has happened than ever before. Now before I start to mention about abilities that I have just learned about, I have always had the ability to automatic write. Although when I automatic write it is not how many others do, many just write down any thoughts that come to the head. When I am automatic writing my finger will physically move, which is part of the autonomic system (involuntary). This is how I have always been able to "channel" from the spirit world and communicated with anything around me. This has always been "built-in" since about 13 for what I can remember.

However, recently I have been experiencing many more abilities, some that even tend to scare me a bit. I have been noticing energy that is all around me, and I've also noticed when I am focusing on it, I can flow energy out of my hands, which appears to be very white light. I am not sure if I am imagining this, but this only will occur when I am in the COMPLETE darkness. I can also see "light-beings" within the dark, this is very similar in appearance to the energy that I can flow out of my hands.

I also wanted to add a weird note about my hands, and I believe it may be an indicator of my automatic writing ability but am unsure of it. I have noticed that there are 3 lines on every single finger except my right pinky finger. This finger has 4, and looks much different than the rest. I have done a little research in to this, but have not found much relevant information regarding to me. I have tried to go multiple times for a palm reader, however every time that I try to do so the reader is not available.

I have also noticed another physical change that has occurred in my eyes. My eyes growing up were one color, however they would change colors depending on what I was wearing and also my moods at times. Recently, I have noticed that my eyes have been physically changing. This change is near the pupil of the eye, and I have also noticed similar markings on my mother, however her's much smaller than mine. I have noticed that as I have been looking through my spiritual eye, this change of color has gotten quite bigger. It used to be like my mother's, smaller and less defined in the eye; but now I refer to it as a "starburst" look, around the center of the pupil. I have always seen shadows and such, along with people in some instances--I personally think this marking on my eye, or different coloring enables me in some way to take in more light, and have a wider range on the spectrum of light (however this is all speculation.)

Another weird thing that I would like to add is the fact that my great-grandmother had very similar eyes to my mother and me. I find this very strange though, because my mother was adopted in to her family. She was not related by blood to my great-grandmother, which was a tarot and palm reader during her lifetime. I have been told that my family is very whole, and there was a certain reason I was born in to the family. Although not blood, I had spiritual history within my family. My mother's mother is still unknown, so I am unsure whether I have spiritual history within my blood, but I do find it strange that my great-grandmother was also a psychic.

Now much more recently, I've noticed my abilities coming more in to bloom. Depending on my mood, and if I am letting off a lot of energy (with anxiety, fear, anger or happiness) -- I have noticed TVs pausing randomly/turning on and off. Also I have had many lights around me blow if I ever get very angry. Recently I'm not sure, but I believe I've burned out 3 lights with current situations and my anxiety at high levels. When I am happy things seem to brighten up, and I've also experienced this with my other friend. I also have noticed that with stop lights, if I am alone and concentrated completely on driving, with the radio off, I will never miss a green light, and have never to this day. I do not know how I do it, and it probably is all just weird coincidences, but as I approach lights, like anyone else who hates waiting, I'm thinking "GREEN! GREEN! GREEN!" To this day I haven't missed one, but I do notice that with the radio and/or another person in the car this does not work. I'm not sure if I can affect energy in a way, or something--but then again this could just be my over analyzation, and leading to delusional conclusions.

I have also had many experiences of clairaudience, and hearing others around me. Not so much occurs this way, most of my energy is felt--this includes human's, animal's, nature (earth, water, fire, air etc.) I rely on my feelings in certain Chakras, through this method I can channel very easily and the energy can communicate what it needs to. This is where I have gotten most of my knowledge so far, however I needed to start looking elsewhere also. I'm trying to figure out exactly what is happening and what's the end result. It's not the fact that I'm frightened about it, because I am actually very open and accepting--I just would like an idea of what I'm going to go through, but who knows, maybe it'll never be known. Maybe I'm the only one who can truly figure out what I need to do, and where I must go on my journey.

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tneema (1 posts)
10 years ago (2014-11-03)
trust the vibes you get. Energy never lies. Trust the energy you get... If its good... Then go with it if not... Dont repel it will only exite it more... Negatives are exited by repulsion. Just accept it but don't let it affect you. I'm just starting to get a handle on my abilities... I find that if I meditate and concerntrate hard enought... I can enhance my abilities. And in topics like these... I would treally like to say that physics helps...really. It does.
maukxo (1 stories) (1 posts)
10 years ago (2014-03-30)
Okay with the person in the robe, I was visited twice--I'm not sure whether I mentioned it or not because it was quite recently they came once again. I believe that this was the same energy that had come to me, although they appeared with different appearances. The first entity was robed in a dark cloak, it draped down to the floor. It looked like a very old man--it honestly reminded me of a witch except much more masculine. No beard was on this man, but all the wrinkles were present. However during the last visit that I had it was much less of a person figure. I saw it as the energy, same figure and color was present, although it was not as clear as the first time I had seen it. I just kind of figured it was different because you are so open as a child, much easier to tune in to the spirit world. The last time I met with it however, it mixed energies with me, but I don't know what to make of this.
Coolcat (1 stories) (25 posts)
10 years ago (2014-03-29)
I can understand what it feels like to end up like this, the truth is my dad may have possibly become psychic but didn't realize so only vision happened once. It's quite odd because my family seemed split up a bit in the past. Apparently everyone has their family secrets at one point or another so at the moment I would have to say that sadly I have never seen a spirit or been able to talk to one but I've bumped into one at least once this year. Also if you read this I'm sorry if its too much trouble but can you please tell me more about the person in the robe? I feel the urge to tangle with the question so I'm sorry if its too much to ask. Coolcat

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