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Psychic Abilities Since A Child


I've been seeing energy lights or they somehow look like bright light spirits constantly at work. I see them in the sky every time I look up at one point I used to see something like a lotus beam flower as if I can shoot beams from my eyes l. It would be in circles. All while I still see tiny light particles in the sky and when I look at anything white. I have been meditating a lot recently.I'm 34 and I been seeing tiny lights ever since a child. I was meditating to increase my physic eyes and abilities. I became curious to see in if I can see them among darker clots but haven't yet its as if they disappears when going into darker objects or color backgrounds. I'm always inspired by them but I've recently just started asking if I was the only one who sees them its a billion of them. I also see auras of everything from solid objects, trees, buildings and people even floor cracks anything you name it. I have been reading up on the power of auras and chakra. I've always believe I have psychic abilities such as reading minds and predicting things that haven't been made when I was a kid and then later was made. In trying to tap into that ability deeply especially the gift of reading minds. I was shook when I first noticed I can read this girl mind when I was 14 in lefrack city carina new york. I told her everything she was feeling and details of her life and thoughts. She cried saying I was right about it all. I also knew I could walk away from her and she couldn't walk away from me. That's when I kind of felt I misused it. I asked God to take it away cause I didn't understand it at the time but now that I'm older I now know why he gave me such gift. I believe its because I was completely deaf in my right ear and partial hearing in my left ear. I constantly hear ringing like someone's heart netted just died like a flat line. I heard in all my life non stop endlessly. I felt also he gifted me with the gift to feel emotions and vibrations because I can't hear all that good but every other sense was super sharp. Sight touch and smell and feel. I've lost the ability to read minds and now I want it back. I.wear a hearing aid also but recently went completely deaf in both ears that's when certain sounds became too much for my ears but I couldn't hear spoken language but heard sound I never could hear such as keys and pin drops. Took 3 needles through the ear drum to try to save my hearing. Now I can hear again but not as good as I used to. Certain sounds are too much now when I where this new hearing aid I gotta turn it off in my left ear still completely deaf on the right ear vertigo is the worst to deal with. However I used to control it better when I was a kid even though I've always fell straight backwards in class room chairs. Now at 34 I'm working on energy vibrations, reading and seeing auras. I've always wanted super powers to help save kids and people like I was green lantern because of a dream I had when I was a child of me being held in a glass tube among all the great universal hero I believed god had my placed there only to be released when the world was truly in danger. I've had dreams of a white house landing on my back porch. He had wings and carrying an gold and white armor for me. I feel like I have super abilities and psychic abilities now I want to enhanced them all. As if I was a chosen one or an enlighten monk

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