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I Saw The Devil As Child


A large building stood with dark over cast shadows. The building had steam coming out of its grey chimney.

I put my hand up and touched the window. The window felt ice cold. I could see outside but looked so cold.

"Put on your coat carri." Here, let help with your coat sleeve." We are going to Catholic Church today." My mother had her coat on. She had hair brown in color tied in hat. She looked like a young Priscilla Presley. My dad held brother Sean who small then. Sean had blue coat on. Dad handed Sean over to mom. Dad opened the door and walked out in the bitter Duluth Minnesota winter. The blue rambler started.

The car ran for half and hour, to warm it up. Me and mom stepped into tiny car. Dad put Sean in his car seat. Dad got into the driver seat started to drive. We arrive at the Catholic mass. Within an half hour drive. The rambler stopped. We got out and entered the Catholic mass. Church proceeded. I went to see the priest for confession. I was so small I was only 5 years old. We went to church much of the spring and summer that year of 1970.

Finally dad stopped going to Church. And we stopped for long time because it winter again. We finally in spring went to back to Church. I went to see the Catholic priest. I went to confession. He asked why I did not come church anymore. I laughed lied to him and said I was sick. So he knew I was lying for family. He smiled.

Me and parents drove home that Sunday. I went into living room it getting late. The tv was old black and white tv. Mom was watching Rose mary's baby. I feel asleep and it dark and silent in the house and woke up. Someone in dark was starring at me. I looked and woke up and saw a man in my room. I looked into his eyes and he creepy. I started to scream. My mom came in rushing and asked what happened. Mom did not know who the man was. She said go to sleep. She shut the light off. And feel asleep. Next few nights. The scary man came with dark hair white skin and scary eyes. Finally I screamed again. That when mom turned the light at night.

I think mom knew who he was. I was seeing the devil. She knew that and left light on all night. He keep coming to me at night watching me, glaring at me terrifying. Then finally year later I grew up and knew who that was at night visiting me. The devil. I have hard sleeping at night. So took night job. So don't see shadows in the dark. So pray at night So don't see thing in the dark.

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Melda (9 posts)
6 years ago (2018-06-15)
rcarriwill - I come from a staunch Catholic family and also raised my children in the Catholic faith. I have since lapsed for personal reasons.

Are you sure you were five years old when you went to confession? A child's first confession is the step before they have their First Holy Communion which happens once they are at school, usually about seven years of age and in South Africa in the second grade. I realise you live in the US.

Do you attribute your sighting of the "devil" to the long interval that you stayed away from Mass?

I remember seeing Rosemary's Baby many years ago and it was a rather horrible film. In these days it's quite mild but would have been scary enough for a young child to cause ongoing nightmares. Perhaps you didn't watch the film, I'm only considering the possibility that you might have had a few glimpses.

I don't either believe that you saw the devil. I doubt whether he would have the time or the inclination to go around scaring little children. Lesser minions do that. I'm not trashing the fact that you saw something evil, but the devil? Highly doubtful.

Regards, Melda
rcarriwill (2 stories) (8 posts)
6 years ago (2018-04-28)
To Wolfbeast I saw him he right front of me. It was him. The reason I speculate I saw him is because I am threat to him. I help police solve cold cases and find missing people. I am internet as Unofficial: psychic detectives on Facebook
ThulsaDune (4 stories) (108 posts)
6 years ago (2018-04-25)
Hi rcarriwill,

I am going to jump on here and agree with WolfBeast. I deal with the darker side of things and can assure you that it was probably something far less concerning than him. So don't worry too much about it. Many dark spirits and entities are cowards and love to pick on children. They usually disappear and leave you alone when they can't invoke fear in their victim anymore. If you have fear it just feeds them more. I will make a statement that has held true forever.

Fear is the absence of faith. Increase in your faith and fear will leave you. There is a difference between wary and fearful. 😉
WolfBeast (4 stories) (35 posts)
6 years ago (2018-04-23)
If you are being 100% serious then I must say that most people that have a story very, very similar to yours don't seem to realize that they didn't see " the devil" but a malevolent or mischievous spirit that enjoys playing with your mind. There isn't much else to do when your stuck here on Earth becoming more and more jealous of the living day after day. The fallen angel known as Lucifer is a very powerful being that would have done a lot more then stand in a corner scaring children, running off when they scream. I'm not saying that this event didn't occur, and I'm not saying it wasn't a very scary ordeal. I'm just saying it wasn't him. Have you dealt with this spirit since becoming an adult? Some of these spirits move on after the subject of their amusement has gotten older.

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