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Luke Stout Missing


I looked at Luke Stout photo of the missing. I friended his mother on Facebook Liz Stout. Elizabeth is troubled woman she battles everyone who tries to help her. Elizabeth feels there corruption in Buckhannon, West Virginia and very bitter about losing her son. Elizabeth Stout showed photos of Luke daily. Pleading on Facebook for his location. I work in factory after two months in factory watching her Facebook photos of Luke. I finally got dream of Luke Stout what happened to him West Virginia Missing.

I live in Wisconsin. I looked into the photos eyes and got reading of cases. I feel asleep. The dream unfolded like a motion picture in front of me. I viewed the dream as a spectator.

There was train coming from Mexico with Hispanic man on it. He tattoos on side of his face. He young and handsome. But very deadly. He has brown hair brown eyes. He has Hispanic skin. He had tattoos all over his face on the sides. I did not see tattoos on his arms or anywhere else. He crew cut hair. His eyes were wild looking. He keep repeating "I going to rip Luke shouts face off his body". He was yelling it. " I going to rip Luke Stout face off his body." His eyes were terrifying looking. Brown wild eyed. He was looked insane. This hired killer was real young Hispanic man.

I saw the hired killer on the train he was going to United States. Where the killer was picked up in car by someone on route to West Virginia.

After the dream I told Liz Shout. Elizabeth told me that she did not believe me. "There are no trains in West Virginia. Then blocked me on Facebook.

I am on Facebook as the Blue Line Psychic Detective agency. And on Facebook as Unofficial Psychic Detective agency.

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Lynx1612 (1 posts)
6 years ago (2018-06-22)
I would have blocked you too if you contacted me saying you seen a 'vision' of my missing child's killer. You were telling her that her son was dead! Unofficial psychic detective agency lol.

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