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The Mystery Of The Missing Toilet Paper


I have been psychic my whole life. More specifically I am what you call clairvoyant, among other things.

I can see, hear and speak with spirits. I do this on a daily bases, so it is a common occurrence for me to meet a "new buddy" in the most random of places. It's like I am a beacon for spirits, they just find me. Once they find me, they like to follow me even though I tell them not to, or ask them politely to leave me alone. Does anybody else have this problem?

Today I would like to tell the story of the missing toilet paper.

Back in July of 2013, I happened to meet a "new buddy" on my way home one day. He was about 12 years old, and he told me his name was Adam Cornell. He was fairly mischievous, but good natured. He seemed lonely to me. I am extremely weary of "child" spirits, for personal reasons - a story I will tell another day - but Adam was a bit different in that he never caused me to feel anxiety like most child spirits do. So I would occasionally offer a greeting to him if I was passing through where he liked to hang out.

He liked to play pranks in life, and I would often get the impression that if he could, he would play a prank on me. At that time I didn't know spirits could actually follow you around, it was my experience that they kind of just stayed in what I call "their area", an area they are attached to for whatever reason. A specific house, a specific plot of land, close to a specific object, things of this nature.

However, there came a day where Adam wasn't there on my way home. I saw him every single time I passed his area, but not that day. He had just vanished. I didn't think anything of it, I just went on with my walk home.

This went on for several days before I started to wonder what happened. I had seen him almost every day for a little over a year on my walks home. I didn't think on it too much, but the idea did cross my mind that maybe he had moved on.

A few days after that, my significant other had just enough time to run me to the store and back home before it was time for them to go to work. We had gotten a few needed things and among that purchase was bath soap, some laundry detergent and a 4 pack of toilet paper.

After helping to bring up the bags, my SO went to work and I was left alone to put everything away. We always sit the bags next to or on top of the dining room table. Our apartment is small so the dining area is the most accessible room to reach the rest of the apartment, and it's close to the front door. It is just convenient to gather things there that need to be taken care of, like bills for example, so when groceries and such need to be taken care of I know exactly where they will always be.

I had everything put away except for the bathroom items. As I move things about while putting stuff away I also like to organize similar things into a bag or two so I can make a single trip with everything I need all at once. So I had most of the toiletries in one single bag.

However, as I turned around, the bag was gone. Completely vanished. I thought that maybe it fell, so I looked under the table. It wasn't there. I thought maybe I had accidently taken it to the bedroom or maybe to the bathroom already, but it wasn't there. I looked for that bag everywhere. In the trash, under the sink, in the fridge, in closets. I even looked for it in rooms that I had not yet gone into that day, like the spare bedroom we used as a computer office. It was just gone.

After a little while of searching the house over, I ended up calling my SO at work, feeling very frustrated that it had just vanished. I was reassured that the bag was sat on the table - where I had thought I left it after adding a few other things to it myself. My SO had the car, and even double checked for me just to make sure it wasn't somehow accidentally forgotten. There was no explanation. I was sure I had just lost my marbles.

The bag stayed gone for a few hours, to the point that I gave up looking for it and had decided on just going and repurchasing the missing items later that evening.

I ended up having to use my neighbors restroom.

After embarrassingly thanking them for letting me use their toilet (I mean how do I explain a whole bag of stuff just vanishing?) I headed back to my own apartment.

As I entered my apartment I was dumbstruck to find a random bag just sitting in my hallway, in front of the door to the bathroom. It was most definitely not there when I left to knock on my neighbors door. I looked the house up and down for that bag, it was not just sitting in the hall way where I had walked several times in my search.

Sure enough it was most of the missing stuff. It lacked the 4 pack of toilet paper.

Confused, frustrated and a bit embarrassed I put the items away and resigned myself to sitting on my lazy chair to try as relax.

So I made my way from my bathroom down the hall into my living room, making a beeline to the far corner of the room where my lazy chair was. I sat down and eventually I dozed off.

About 30 ish minuets later, I woke to a weird noise that kind of sounded like crinkling plastic, but it was really loud, like it was really close to my ears.

I figured I was just dreaming the noise so I lifted my arms up to stretch them above my head and as I did so I felt the smooth texture of plastic. I don't think I have ever turned around so fast in my life. The 4 pack of toilet paper was sitting on top of the back of the chair.

It WAS NOT there when I sat down, nor was it there when I went searching for the bag in the first place.

I was really confused although a bit releaved, because I had to pee again.

It was a few days later when I was walking past Adams area again that I noticed he was back. I offered my typical greeting to him, but rather than acknowledging me in his usual fashion he gave me an image of floating toilet paper.

I recall realizing that he had been the cause of my frustration and confusion, and never once did I notice he was around me. Looking back at it now the idea of floating toilet paper just gently gliding across my living room to sit delicately on the back of a chair is funny, but in that moment I wanted nothing more than it step on his foot and stick my tongue out at him. I got a very strong feeling of amusement coming from him at my expense.

He had finally found a way to prank me I guess.

I am now super careful to avoid bringing anything home with me. I am not too sure how to stop it, but I had found that regularly smudging my home helps keep things quiet, I even see less orbs.

Has any one else had something follow them home? How do you stop it from happening? Has any one ever had a spirit hide their things?

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biker4jc2u (3 stories) (38 posts)
8 years ago (2016-05-22)
I don't know about hide but I'm pretty sure they move things around the house

I believe these spirits to be passed on family member's such as my mom's dad that past away a munth before or after I was born

I only know because anther spirit (great grandpa I had never met he passed before I was even thought about) but hus spirit told me about my mom's dad spirit moved things around the house he pretty much just hangs around us

Yes I communicate with spirits as well I think it's known as being a medium... Though I can't see them just feel them I don't hear them it's like I can just feel everything 😊

Thanks for sharing your story was fascinating 😊

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