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No Guardian?


My name is Arcuslux. I am a Dreamweaver (creator type spirit) and wander spirit of a great vibration. As far back as I can remember, I was born to this earth to watch over dreams of others. I, as a dream weaver am able to go into a dream and weave a part to show a small image of it. It's very powerful. I use it very limitedly to help others with nightmares, and occational questions in their dreams. I either ease the dream to be less terrorizing or make it to where they could hopefully figure out the answer. I as a dream weaver barely have my own dreams, and can Astral Travel and Dimisonal travel very well, and fast. But enough about that for now.

As a person of great light and love, I leave a heavy impression of those that ever meet me in person. Very few people that have met me don't ever remember my name or face. Even so, my abilities grow strong enough of love to take the negatively from someone who has it in their life. I absorb the raw negative sorrow energy, which caskets into horrible sprees of emotional pain. This a strong and deep energy which I lose control and let out through expression of others last feelings. I take it out on my own body, in order to let others have a form of relief or light in their life.

In this time period of being who I am. I have never came across a guardian of mine since my time here. I've had names from time to time whisper to my ears of shadow people, angels. None were my guardian, as if I was never born with one, I've never seen it or heard it. When I mean never, I mean never. Which leads me to believe I've never had one in my time being here. Is it possible for this to be a nonexistant one?

I've tried speaking to my guardian, but all I get is the response from the sounds of nature. None of my attempts ever seem to contact them, not even in dire need. (If anything it seems like my spirit resists such attempts of problems to my life, forcing itself to stay alive by itself.)

Some people say its because of my sensitive nature I don't have one, since I could be one myself in physical form. If this the case how rare is for that to happen? If not what makes this so difficult to talk to my guardian?

Extra note: I was born with natural Clairaudio/Clairvoyance and high sensitivity levels.

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lightworkerhealer (1 stories) (56 posts)
8 years ago (2016-05-17)
Hi! I don't believe that anyone could be without a guardian angel. Have you tried to contact your spirit guides? Your spirit animals? Ascended masters? Or even just your higher self? Try contacting them. Ask them about what you are going through. Try contacting the goddesses and archangels as well. Try and contact each one of them. You might have success in at least communicating with one of them. Blessings:) <3
SGE (1 stories) (32 posts)
8 years ago (2016-05-17)
I would have to agree with Gabbie, all PEOPLE have Guardians, but not all entities LIVING on this planet are in fact "people" It not uncommon if you weren't per say, human, but perhaps theirs more to your story then you've lead on. I have had seen quite a few from my research in the past (done on myself manly), and some of their abilities you do seem to possess. Tell me, if you have heard whispers of the shadows and the angels, who are they from and what might specifically are the whispers themselves.

One final question, any chance you can help me myself with your powers? I cannot seem to get rid of the shadowy hell that resides within my head. Just to let you know, your not the only one here without a guardian... Though I may be hoping too much for you to be what I am thinking.

~Shadow Emerald
Gabbie (55 posts)
8 years ago (2016-05-17)
Hello Arcuslux and thank you for sharing your story:)

You seem quite aware of your purpose here. May I ask, how you reached that realization? Have you come across other people of the same nature?

Personally I believe all people have a Guardian Angel, because that's how God made it to be, be it normal human or other beings residing within a human body. If you haven't been contacted by yours yet, then maybe it's not the right time. Be patient and have faith, and your Guardian will come to you when you are ready to meet Them.

Also, you mention that you take all the negative and emotions upon yourself, as a way to relief others' pain. How are you doing this and what effects does it have on your body? How are you protecting yourself from all this energy?

I would very much like to know more about you. Feel free to email me if you wish to keep your deeper info on a more personal level.

Talk soon

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