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Snake Releated Guardian Spirit?


Dear open-minded spiritual Readers,

I am glad I found this site and I would like to share my story.

I came from a science background, but I always sensed there is something out there, something I can't prove, analyze or even explain.

Most of my life, I have been afraid of snakes, but oddly, strongly attracted to them. They often appear in my dreams. One day I decided to keep one as a pet. I was so scared of it in the beginning, I only kept him in his terrarium without any contact, but I could not resist not having it. Eventually my fear disappeared and I formed some kind of bound with it.

One day I went with my colleagues to a place where we could pet animals. There was a snake. Everybody was holding it for a moment. The snake was highly anxious and wanted to escape hysterically. But in my hands, he calmed down. The rest of the time he spent relaxing on my arm. My friends made jokes about my "snake superpowers" or started to look for rational explanations. I kept joking but I knew this is no coincidence and certainly it was certainly not a unique experience.

Between getting my first snake and the second experience something weird happened. I moved abroad, so I had to leave my pet behind (he is in good hands). I was highly anxious. One day, out of nothing I started to sense something in my room. It was an other entity. I try to describe it. He - although it seems to be pretty gender-neutral- had a snake-like body with a long tail and a human torso and moved easily without any effort on any surface or in the air. I have never seen his face, nor heard him, but he is guarding me and all my beloved ones if I ask so ever since then. His presence makes me feel safe and strong.

I became highly spiritual and started to have a lot of luck in my life - also some kind of a sixth sense. Imagine having all your wishes come true in a from. Not only mines, but also the ones I am asking for my family and friends.

I am not afraid of snakes anymore - I respect and adore them.

Could it be that my experience with snakes attracted this guardian for me, or it has been always there without me realizing it?

Can my guardian spirit/animal be snake related? What could it mean?

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Saleire (9 posts)
5 years ago (2019-04-20)
Jung had many images of snakes in his 'Red Book'.I do feel this is Kundalini, awakening to the power of the invisible and powerful energy that surges through us. You answered the call, you could have gone the scientific route, but you chose the spiritual path and now the work begins. You have always had this guide. The teacher comes when the student is ready. When the soul wants you to take notice, it can use all sorts of things to get your attention... You can become fixated on something until you make the link... Notice the synchronicity and put two and two together. Well done... You did.
Kubbybear01 (1 stories) (9 posts)
7 years ago (2017-06-19)
Hi there,

I had a similar experience and I'm so glad you shared your story! Years ago, I was engaged but we would argue all the time. When we broke up, he would prank call my house, tried to sue me, show up at my house at odd hours, etc. I was just starting a new job and was really stressed out about everything. I was at the end of my wits. I prayed a lot for the madness to stop.

Suddenly one day, a giant snake appeared. It was staring at me in the high up stance. At first I didn't see it because I sat with my back facing it and was on the phone. I looked back and it just stared at me. I remembered slowly walking away. As I looked back the snake was gone.

From that day on and for about 6 months, random animals would come up to me. Birds would just be a few inches from me, one even tried to drag a piece of bread laying next to me. After the ex stopped bothering me, the animals, including the snakes, stopped coming toward me. I thought I was seeing things but my friends and family confirmed it too.

It's weird though. The snakes I encountered are the big ones that attack but for some reason they never attacked but just stayed there long enough for me to see them and then disappeared.

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