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I Had A Vision While Awake


It was during the time of when hurricane Matthew was hitting Florida. I was in my living room but I decided it would be best if I went to my room, so I sat in my room on my bed just thinking. I was thinking really long and hard.

I thought about how different I am and how I don't fit in with anyone. How I feel that I don't belong there and such and then immediately after thinking so hard about different things I heard what sounded like two metal swords hit against each other.

Shortly after I heard that I didn't see my room I saw a silver or chrome stone tablet it had writing and pictures etched into it. In the bottom left hand corner was a picture of a bird which I've come to realize is the Immortal Phoenix. Etched in the middle of the chrome tablet was a girl who looked exactly like me.

I didn't get to look at the writing but I knew I could understand it if I were able to look at it more because it left my field of vision and soon I saw me as an angel wearing white with white angel wings and a guy I really like who's an angel with white angel wings and wearing white who is the captain of his goddesses army fighting off an army seeking to do harm to humans and others.

Once we finished fighting them off completely me and the angel I like were talking and he was blushing and smiling while talking to me just like in my other visions.

It then ended and I saw my room again. This is the first vision where it had me absolutely confused. I don't know what to think of it and what it means in all.

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