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Interesting dream, hoping to describe experiences that demonstrate new information being obtained in dreams by a foreign entity, that is, another intelligence and not just imagination.

The dream started as I was scanning a map of land from above, similar to Google map's satellite feature. I was scanning over Malaysia, a place that I have visited in the past. I zoomed into the city, to find an enormous castle emerge from the city scape, similar to the ice castle scene in the Frozen movie, although the colors were redish and there were many fire elements, including a gigantic flame atop the center spire of the castle as it emerged.

At that point, I found an entity who was hiding in Malaysia who I identified with the name "Damien". I did not see the entity, but he spoke, and said "would you like me to help you with the problem with your thyroid?". An energy emerged and started approaching me, and I responded, "I'd prefer that the Federal Government made that decision". The energy finally reached me and touched my neck, which started beeping with a sharp reoccurring pain.

At that point, I saw a man, who appeared a bit disheveled. He had a Bob Dylan type of style, wearing a white tee shirt and a leather jacket. He said, "you are revealed to me". At that point I heard multiple people screaming "it's Damien" in a scared way and running away. I remembered the name from the horror movies at that point, and dismissed it as entertainment and nonsense. The man was leaving at that point, satisfied that everyone was scared and running away. I said to him, "what are you up to?" At this point I got his interest, probably because I was the only person not scared.

We flew up into the air at this point, high into the air getting a view of the entire Earth from space. He said, what do you believe? "I responded, I believe in the Torah, the Gospel and the Quran." He responded, "oh, the old fables, the milk of the people. Do you believe in the shrines?". I responded that I didn't know, but that the lives of the prophets were important but I didn't know all the details. I then asked him what he was interested in. He responded "energy". I responded, we'll there's fossil fuels, solar and eventually they'll burn the oceans. He got excited at this point, and said, "that's good, can I take credit for that?" I replied, "sure". At this point I heard a female voice, one of the ones who had screamed and run away earlier, happily say "credit that to Damien", and I heard the sound of a cash register. At this point, I lost interest and simply said, they've been working on that in Princeton for 20 years.

At this point, I traveled out into space further, where I was interrogated by a panel of 9 extraterrestrial beings, arranged in a grid like the Hollywood Squares. They appeared human but were not human. The first panelist said "have you been inspected by your defense minister?" At this point, I lost memory of the dream, although there was further interrogation and an encounter with a female extraterrestrial and a vision of a triangular aircraft with a pilot that had a spherical helmet. The vision continues to be associated with a severe pain in my left brain, whenever I try to remember what the aircraft looks like. I've had several comments about the aircraft during other dreams from other people, like "they actually built that", and "I don't think they're going to let you tell us that".

Anyway, I'm fairly certain that I am not imagining the content of the conversations, and I get a lot of information that is probably attributable to cgi and/or another intelligence. I've had some confirmation as to the identity of the "Damien" character by a co-workers, who said, "he's the most powerful one". Some of the large corporations in the financial sector have experience with the Occult and have for over 100 years, and many of my co-workers have formally confirmed the content of dreams during the day. There's quite a bit of criminal activity related to it - I asked Shumer about it a while ago and he simply said, "it's supposed to be a secret, we are innocent until proven guilty."

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mmobile (4 stories) (5 posts)
7 years ago (2017-07-23)
The New Mexico desert was pretty interesting too, almost like a Disney cartoon with the colors. I got some feedback from intel while in the dessert, what they said was "I can't get that information". I also got some information from a bm radio announcer who said, "you're going to be surprised about the British Government's role in all this, it will all be over on 7/7".
mmobile (4 stories) (5 posts)
7 years ago (2017-07-23)
Also, I'd like to share that a lot of the dream activity is location based, some places are much nicer to sleep than others.

I recently visited Malaysia again, and although there are many nice people and museums there, I had some occult experiences while there, including a severe lucid dream in which I was impaled by large metal hook, which was scraped back and forth against my back for 3 or 4 minutes while a group of europeans ravenously watched and enjoyed the severe excrutiating torture.

It was the worst torture dream I had since spending a night in New Mexico.

I was in Missouri, which was pretty nasty, not sure where to go, and had a dream of a car with a New Mexico driver's licence on it going to New Mexico and there seemed to be a suggestion that I would find girls there. The next night, as I was falling asleep, I was experiencing some disturbances related to a cyberattack on my cell phone which were pretty severe, when I recieved a message, which I perceived to come from the Chinese Government which said "Leave now." It's seemed to make good sense, the only good advice I had received in a long time, so I immediately left for Albequerque. I drove through the city limits of Wicheta, Kansas at precisely 3AM (which may be connected to some Christian occultism). Perhaps the speed of my vehicle was being controlled through neurological control by a local paramilitary or corporation).

I crossed the state border of Oklahoma, and I was immediately bombarded with the voice "I like" and seperately, "Atrocity". As I was driving, I keep hearing the chant, "Oklahoma is our home, we love Oklahoma, Oklahoma is our home, we love Oklahona,..." in the wind. The highway signs were not in English, they appeared to be hieroglyphics which I understood to read "Department of Defense identification required beyond this point".

I spent a night in Oklahoma City, and was really well restored there, but I didn't want to stay, so I kept going. I crossed into Texas, and was bombarded with the voice "No one fears the judgement".

The field was really nice, but kind oppressive, like it was an effort to remain erect while driving.

I pretended to convert to Christianity for about 20 minutes in the desert, and was able to enjoy the sunshine and desert vista and totally forget all the wars and problems in the world briefly.

I spent a few nights in New Mexico and was only briefly pestered by a few professional agitators, kids mostly, and a few spirit vampires or whatever.

Then one night I had a severe torture dream, in which I was driving through the desert again and singing Amazon Grace (forged first person speech in dreams which I can detect). After the song and re-enjoying the desert vista, I turned around and saw a small child in black and white, probably my brother from 30 years ago, behind me on a desolate desert path. He said "I have a disgusting sword". Which he then weilded. It wasn't a sword, but almost like a taser that flew through the air in a ball of light and struck me in back. The electrical shock then raised up to the base of the back of my brain and did a kind of scrambling/shaking/eletrecution effect that was excrutiatingly painful for about 10 seconds before waking up.

It was so bad that I immediately resolved to leave the country, and left immediately for a 30 or 40 hour nonstop drive to the northeast to get my birth cerficate so I could get another passport. I crossed into Texas again (a few hours before the mass shooting in Dallas, which I learned about after returning to the Northeast), and saw the entire sky shimmer, as if the entire sky was not real. I remember specifically thinking that I'd like to drive through Louisiana but got a feeling that it would be too dangerous there so drove directly back to the Northeast.

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