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Hearing Spirit Conversations


So I've had a lot of weird experiences lately, mostly with animals and reading people's feelings. I have heard the dead in the past but I am just finishing up school so I was hyper focused on graduating instead of hearing dead people. It seems that once you hear them for the first time, they talk to you all the time. Some would even touch me at night while I was sleeping. I would love to help more often, but I need sleep!

That being said, last night I tried to drift off to sleep and hearing the usual noises in my haunted house. (I don't let this bother me anymore.) So as I'm laying down, I realize that the ability to hear the dead did not go away like I had thought. My head started to feel really strange and I kind of felt like I was receiving some sort of radio transmission. The voices I heard sounded exactly like something you would hear on the radio and I felt electrically charged. It was really strange. I remember telling the people who were talking that I had to get to bed now but they seemed joyous and happy and wanted to keep talking. Some even seemed to just be talking amongst themselves. It was like I was eavesdropping on the dead. Finally, it faded away. I've heard the dead before, but not in such a strange way, where I felt this static energy of some sort. It seemed as though they had an urgent message but in drifting off to sleep, I forget exactly what they said, except they conveyed to me that I still had this ability to talk with them and it doesn't go away.

I woke up wondering if anyone else has ever had this "radio" phenomena happen to them. Also, I notice that whenever I am standing in front of my radio, it changes stations. It only does that when I stand there, no one else. Strange! Does this sound familiar to anyone?

Also, I must mention that I have been meditating a lot lately and have astral traveled to see family members who are dead and I had a great vision of the other side, but that is a story for another time. Perhaps this has made this ability stronger? Thank you for reading this. I am glad to have found this forum. I truly feel like I am not alone.

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