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Trying To Figure Myself Out


I decided to try and explain just the most recent events because I would really like some insight.

About a year and a half ago my friends and I decided to go to our local psychic store to get some tarot card readings done. The lady I ended up with read with angel cards. I am in my early 20s and the only experience I've had with any kind of tarot cards were readings done with my brothers wife who's a wiccan. As my angel lady was trying to give me my reading she kept having to stop because she said she was getting a message for me. She told me I had something special about me and that I should look into using tarot cards/angel cards for myself. After the reading was finished I didn't take the advice but I thought it was strange because in the past I have had random strangers out in public approach me who said they were psychics and would try and give me this same kind of message that there was something different about me and I had to further pursue.

I have always had weird unexplainable experiences in the past that I would decide were always coincidence. I've also had dreams sometimes that have given me a little insight to the future on occasion, but most often I'd experience deja vu and can pin point that moment back to a dream I had at one point. It wasn't until almost 6 months later that something in that reading had panned out that made me rethink that advice she and some others had given me. So my best friend and I went to Barnes & Noble and in the new age section there was all inclusive angel card box set and bought it. Before I begin, just to clarify angel cards are not for Christians nor do they really have anything to do with religion in that opening of the clouds light breaking out kind of a way. So I started doing lay outs and noticed that it came quite easily and that a lot of my readings were helpful and could be very insightful. I kept a log so I could go back and check. I revisited my angel lady and she remembered me right away and I shared some experiences I had, she recommended some books and gave me some advice like learning how to meditate. After I started meditating I noticed my card readings were clearer, also I noticed an interesting connection to my cards. The cards are similar to a regular deck of cards in the sense that there are 4 different suites, each suite belonging to a different arch angel and when I spread the whole deck with the faces not showing & can pick out one specific archangels set of cards every time, Gabriel.

I progressed with meditating and started learning about chakras too. Soon after I had a series of weird dreams all revolving around a specific man I have never seen, at first they started off silent like the dream was on mute but he kept trying to talk to me. The last dreams revolved around an old style victorian home, it seemed like when I would fall asleep in real life I'd wake up in this house. The part that was the weirdest for me was not that I knew immediately I was dreaming but so did this man. It was so vivid it didn't feel like I was sleeping. I even asked him why he keeps invading my dreams and he'd just laugh and say that he was not doing the invading.

I noticed during meditation my face would get extremely itchy, and my palms would get really warm and Id be able to feel this prickling heat moving down my arms usually always starting in the left hand. Sometimes it gets so distracting it can be hard to actually meditate. I've also experienced a kind of double vision where I'll be looking off at some trees in my back yard and slowly I start to see an imposed usually moving image right on top. I feel like something is happening but I'm not sure what, any advice or help would be appreciated.

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