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Seeing Shadows & Other Figures


I have since as long as I could remember felt as if there was a person there who was not there. As a little girl, I was terrified of the dark. I see shadows but not just any shadows but ones that had shape and moved. Many seem to get closer to me until I ran out the room. Kept night lights on all my walls mainly by corners. No matter what time of day or where I was at I felt something. When I was a teenager I remember getting ready for bed, lay down and then out of know where a glowing light of a lady shape can't see any real details but she smiled as she looked down and left. I never told a soul. Still scared of shadows and still today as a 40 year old. Next time I saw an image I was in my 20s. Going to take a nap bright sunlight coming in the room. Layed down looked up and saw a goat head with horns (I know it weird) with green gote. Still feel something is around all the time. Still, see shadows move. Lately, something has changed. The feelings of someone around is very intense. Shadows moving about even with my light. Hearing things that are unexplainable. Know I see clear images of people. One day walking down my hall a clear transparent figure was pulling up self towards me on the banister like he had no legs. Closed eyes open still there. I went the other way and prayed. Now I have seen other clear fingers of people weekly. I am out of my mind. I do not have any mental health issues. I did get that checked out. But who do I ask or talk to without seeming as if I have an issue? What is going on with me. My family is very religious and this is a no no so they are out.

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