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Strange Things Are Happening To Me Since 2009


1st week of may may 8 2018 I had a nightmare of my mom in a flood the following day may 10 I dreamt of something unusual I told my partner about it I read articles about it too, but he gave me such positive feedback about it, Monday 14 before my partner leave the house my dog don't want him to go which is unusual and my dogs behaviour is not accurate based on how she behave before when my partner is leaving the house, Tuesday I was alone unusual things is happening to my house the st Benedict crus on room fall 3times and the Jesus on it was broken the first time it falls I tried to fixed it but out of nothing it falls on the floor again that night of the same day I am hearing voices in the middle of the night before I sleep, Wednesday may 16 2018, I notice that the mango fruits are all falling on the trees every night there is mango fruits falling on the roof, may 17 I wake up then I went to the restroom I saw a black snake when I am taking a bath, then I went inside my room there is another black snake, may 18 2018 in the midnight I couldn't sleep because I am hearing voices and there is like someone's watching over me it starts at around 12 in the midnight until 4am in the morning, 1 in the afternoon of may 19 2018 I went to take a shower there is 2 bees flying around me, and today may 19 2018 my partner is in the hospital he told me that he don't know if he will make it to survive and he will make it I don't know if it's just me who's thinking that there could be paranormal activity that's happening into my life I need a help.

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