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Growing up I always felt different from other people. I tended to take things very personally and could feel vibes off the adults and people around me. At the time I had no idea what it all meant. Also throughout my life I have a 'sense' of some energy around me-the energy or spirit goes where I go but I can mainly only feel it when I am inside my own home and everything is quiet. I grew up in a religious home and often feared the energies I could sense as I believed them to be evil spirits as I had been brought up to believe. As I have grown up I have naturally become drawn and interested in energy, psychic ability and all of these things. I have been to a few different psychics, I have been told I have a gift of energy reading, I want to learn more about this. So many random things happen in my life which I cannot make sense of, for instance A girl I met when I was a teenager via mutual friends kept coming up in my mind very strongly on and off over the years, I did not know the girl well and couldn't make sense of why her name and face would pop up in my thoughts-it turns out later on this same girl has married my ex husband and now shares the parenting of my two oldest children. I cannot see or sense things that will happen in the future but I have a strong sense of picking up what a person is about, If I meet someone within 5 or 10 minutes of being around them I can get a feel of what they are about if they are an uptight person, or have a wonderful heart and anything in between, sometimes I can get a feel about their background, I might see in my mind something that stands out to me like a house they have lived in or a the type of people they might be around. Its all very random and I can't often make sense of these things, one recent thing that happened was when I was staying at a friends place and talking to my boyfriend about the friend it suddenly came to me that she was going to have an affair, my boyfriend who is really good friends with her denied this and said there was no way this girl would ever cheat and I have now learned only last week that this girl had an affair for 6 months and it has shocked everyone but somehow I sensed it while I was in her home and clearly 'knew' that it was going to happen without any explanation why. I want to learn how to become more clear and trusting of the things that are happening to me and how to direct my experiences in a positive useful way. Its all a bit scrambled to me still. I am 31 and feel I am here to maybe use these senses in a way I can help other people, I just seem to "know people" on another level I can't explain. I always thought I just had a great imagination and lived too much in airy fairy world but the more I read and learn the more I realize that this is just part of who I am and that maybe I am just a bit more open and sensitive to energy than a lot of other people. People close to me are amazed at my ability to 'Pick' things up about other people, for instance my mother and I met a lady that helps look after my old nanna and my mother felt this lady was wonderful and such a help and I got a cold distrusting vibe about this lady although she appeared to be friendly and genuine, we later learned that she had been bossing my nanna around and using her credit card for her own gain. I would love to hear from anyone who could share a similar story or who can give me any advice on how I can develop my own intuition further and what this intuition actually is and means... Thank you for reading. P xox

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dreamer-belle (1 posts)
11 years ago (2010-10-24)
I believe I have a similiar type of sensitivity to people. As you mentioned in your story I can too pick up on people's energy when I first meet them. I can usually tell if they have good energy or bad dark energy and whether or not I should get involved with this individual. One time I met this lady that my mom introduced me to as her friend and I knew right away that this lady was not a good person for my mom to be friends with. I told my mom that I didn't approve of this woman because I felt a dark energy around her. I also told my mom to be cautious if she was going to persue this friendship and after 3 years of their friendship this woman lied and backstabbed my mom. My mom was very disappointed and I told her I was sorry but I knew this was going to happen and told her to be cautious. This happened again with another lady my mother is no longer friends with aswell. I picked up on the vibe and it turned out to be right. I wasn't sure if such an ability existed but when I pick up on other people's energy it usually is either a light, white, warm, energy or a dark or grey energy that makes it hard to breath and it defenitly does not put me at ease. Does this happen to you too?

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