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My Story Growing Up Seeing, And Thoughts On A Conversation


Ever since I can remember I have seen, heard, felt things that no one else around me did.

Even in my "All About Me, My First Seven Years of Life" book; starting at about two years old (and repeating annually throughout it) my mother listed the thing I was afraid of as, "Ghosts and shadows."

At first I didn't understand that not everyone heard or saw what I did. Then I thought I was crazy. I didn't want to tell anyone what was going on which made it worse. I remember waking up at 3am every morning petrified to move or open my eyes. It didn't help that I had what I now know to be as a portal in my home. It was like Grand Central Station and not everything that came through was good.

As a teen I decided to try to find others like me. I found a few people interested in Ouija boards and other entity provoking ideas and ended up with a lot dangerous things around me. I did it at the time to prove to myself that I wasn't crazy, but man it was stupid. I was lucky to meet someone who did end up at least showing me the ropes so to speak. He taught me how to clear out energy from a home, how to clear a home of spirits, how to protect my personal space, and even a bit of how to help others.

Now at thirty-six I have a much better sense of myself. I have wonderful husband (skeptic turned believer) who understands. I have two children ages seven and four and I'm 99% sure my four year old also sees. I am good at ignoring the ghosts most of the time, only bringing them up if they are very insistent or if someone asks about them. Most people don't even know what I see hear and feel daily.

Here is where my need for advice comes up...

I had a friend post a couple pictures on FB a few months ago of an old abandoned room with some orbs in it. He was asking everyone for an opinion on what everyone thought it was. It was pretty obvious it was dust and I told him so. He didn't know this side of me. Speed forward at a social function he introduced me to "His psychic friend he told me about". I was excited to meet someone. The second I shook his hand I got a yucky feeling though and when he spoke it got worse. Here is how the conversation went.

Me- "Hi, so nice to meet you! It's always so exciting to meet someone else with gifts."

Him- "Hi. I see you have two guides with you. They say you are just starting to discover your gifts. You just learned about what you can do."

Me- "Guides? Nope. I have always seen. I have helped clear houses and even reunite a couple people. I'm pretty comfortable with what I do."

Him- "Huh, that's strange. They say you are in your mid twenties and just discovering what you can do."

Me- "Nope, thirty-six."

Him-"Oh they mean mid twenties on your spiritual journey."

At that point I just said "Fascinating!" and excused myself saying we should chat again sometime but that I needed to go talk to someone else.

Since then I have been so bothered by the conversation. First off I hate it when people don't believe me, and I hate to feel this way, but I really feel like this guy is a fake. If he is then it pisses me off because I feel like he is taking advantage of people by feeding them BS. If he isn't, then what the heck did all that mean? Why did my stomach turn when I shook his hand? Also, as far as I know I have never seen a spirit guide. So, if they exist, then why don't I see them? I experience so many other things. So not them? Anyway, any comments or insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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GeorgiaMOM (guest)
10 years ago (2014-11-21)
Don't do or say anything unless asked by him directly! Just be there for him and pick him up when he needs you. Just the same as I, when it comes to my children. We have to allow our loved ones to chose their own road. We can NOT pave the way for them to make life easier. They have to make their own mistakes to learn from them. They will push you away if you try to. Just the same as I, with my sister. I learned this lesson the hard way. You see she lost her husband after 23 years of marriage and three kids. A short time after his passing she got involved with a guy that was using her for money and more. He was a bad guy, my tummy rolled when I first spoke to him as well. Given her state of mind, I tried to intervene and needless to say we did not speak for over two years. Of course her giving me a concussion and more did not help matters. But regardless, this was during a time when she needed me the most. It took the death of a family member who was only 15 for us to speak again.
The road to hell was paved with good intentions. That's what they say and it is so true. We have to allow others to lead their own life, and that's when we love them the most. As time passes he will come to the same conclusion as you. Just pray and keep a watchful eye out. Protecting from the side lines as I call it. I'll be praying that he is awakened with an awareness about this man. A sickening feeling and suspicion, enough to make him want to investigate this guy more. In doing so, maybe you can get peace of mind regarding this fellow as well. Then as all this comes to pass, both of you will avoid him. Till then, be his friend and comfort him as you have always done. Passing blessings and understanding along to you and all your loved ones.
deepstrength78 (1 stories) (1 posts)
10 years ago (2014-11-20)
Thank-you so much for responding.
I am first to admit that I invited "yucky" things into my life when I messed with that board. I am so lucky (though I'm pretty sure luck had nothing to do with it) that I met my friend when I did. I don't know what would have happened to me if my friend hadn't intervened, set me straight, and closed me off to what I had opened myself to.
I will stay clear of this guy. I keep getting visions of a snake oil salesman, with a very slimy slippery feeling.
I am also worried about my friend who seems to hang on this guys every word. I want to warn him, but I am really afraid that if I say something he will just get defensive, close himself off from me, and attach to this guy even more.
Do you have any thoughts or feelings about that aspect of the situation?
GeorgiaMOM (guest)
10 years ago (2014-11-20)
Trust your instincts! Your tummy rolled for a reason. He may very well be a fake taking advantage of others. Or he may be in contact with things that you don't want to mess with. Regardless I suggest staying clear of him. When you messed with the board you may have opened yourself up to evil. He may have been picking up on that. He may be attempting to sway you to open what you've closed your self off to. Be cautious when dealing with him and avoid if at all possible. This is what I'm picking up from your story. Hope it's of some use. Passing on blessings from above from one mom to another.

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