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Something Pulled Me Out Of The Bed.


I'm having sleep paralysis a lot, before or even after I moved out from my hometown. I know that it is a normal thing, and OBE is normal too. Once in awhile I experience OBE and I remember vividly what I saw and where, even though I didn't have that much knowledge about how to transfer places to places. This happened awhile ago, it was a peaceful night, and I was just as usual, knew that I'm going to face sleep paralysis phase. It's like there was wave on my head, signalling that Sp is about to happen. Then, it happened, just like usual, heavy on my chest, can't move at all, but since this happens a lot to me, and not just once, I relaxed a bit when it occurred. But then I realize, that even though it is indeed often, I forgot about the presence that surrounds me when I was in sp state. Yes, the uninvited beings. I didn't see them clearly, but I'm sure that there was something there. I knew because of the noises, its like loud static noises, I realized that I could actually do OBE here. I was eventually out of my body. I flew to my neighbor's room, before eventually pulled back to my body, I tried to resist, I wanted to get out again and experience a bit more, but then while I was in my body, sleeping but conscious and very awake, a human hand, grabbed my legs, both of them and tried to pull me out of my body, it's like being forced out. I knew that my physical body was sleeping, and I was the one who's awake, I didn't see them because they don't want to be seen. They just dragged me, but I hold on and while they're still trying, my legs flew, my body felt light too, but another problem appeared. I couldn't detached my own head from the physical body. I tried lots of position, and then yay I got off! I start to quickly picture where I wanted to go, but then, it got disconnected and I'm in my body again. Connected, disconnected. When suddenly large mount of vibration vibrates all over my body, like a rejection. I was trying to get out, and my body refused. Its such a weird experience. Oh and by the time I was really awake, it was 5:30. And it hits me, the fact that I was never really sleeping without feeling exhausted.

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