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Going For A Walk


When I was born my grandfather died from a brain aneurysm shortly after, so I never got to meet him before he died. I was living in Vancouver with my family in an apartment, and almost every night I would have the same dream. I would be standing out side in my night gown waiting for someone, it wasn't long for a man to appear across the street with his hands in his pockets. He would be wearing dark jeans, a red plaid logging shirt, brown heavy boots and a combed back hair style with nearly all grey hair.

I could tell he was native like me even thou I was probably no more than two or three years old. He would cross the street, take my hand and say let's go for a walk honey and we would. I remember talking about my day and what I did at daycare and he would just listen, sometimes I didn't say anything and we just walked. Then we would end up back at where I lived and he would tell me to go back home and I always did. These dreams went on for a very long time then started to not happen as often as I got older. One summer we went to visiting my grandma and I asked her if I could look through some old albums that she had of the family, she said yes so I did. As I went through them I found one of her when she was younger, then I looked at another and I was dumb founded. It was a picture of the same exact man in my dreams, under the picture it said (mom and dad 1992).

I went upstairs with the album and asked my mom, she told me it was my grandpa, I never seen a picture of him let alone ask about him it never even crossed my mind. Of course I told my mom about the dreams and she began to cry, she said she wasn't to surprised because since I was born she noticed I always had some kind of connection to spirits and still do today. What struck me the most was that the fact that my grandpa died while working, he was a logger and he always whore jeans, plaid shirts, and heavy boots. So I have no doubt what so ever that the man I went on so many walk's with is indeed my grandpa. It's nice knowing even thou I didn't get to meet my grandpa in the flesh I still get to see him once in a while. Sometimes when i'm going on with my day and i'm walking by myself I get a sensation that some one is holding my hand. So I do believe my grandpa is always there, and he likes to go for walks with his grand daughter.

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