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One night, when I was about six years old, I was sitting alone on the railing of the deck in our backyard, staring into the coyote-infested woods that bordered the yard. Suddenly, two pale yellow, glowing eyes appeared among the trees. Then, the creature stepped out into the light coming from our neighbor's house. It had black fur. I immediately knew it wasn't a coyote, since they cannot have black fur or yellow eyes. Also, it was much bigger. But there was something strange about this wolflike animal. Its fur was transparent, like a ghost.

A few years later, (when I was ten) I was lying on my bed in our new house, thinking about the name of this ghostly wolf. When suddenly, I thought, Phantom. A chill went down my spine, even though it was only October and I was shrouded with blankets. Its name remains Phantom to this day.

As I get older, it keeps appearing to me in dreams. Sometimes I look out into the night, searching for my mysterious wolf. This experience has impacted me in the physical world, too. Dogs always seem to obey me, they just have this look in their eyes that I can't get out of my head. I can howl, bark, yelp, and growl so realistically that people hearing me often have a scared look on their face.

I have taken spirit animal quizzes online, and the result is always wolf. In third grade, when I went to a wolf sanctuary for a science project, the wolves would... Stare into my eyes. Whoever said that the eyes are windows to the soul, I congratulate you on spreading that to the public and agree with all of my heart.

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xXx_ZACK_xXx (2 stories) (4 posts)
9 years ago (2014-11-22)
that phantom like wolf you talk about is similar to the experience my aunt had. She told me a story about when she was younger like 7 years old or something she was standing out in the backyard and they have woods in there back yard and she was standing there and something came from the back of the woods running straight toward her and she kind of stood up like what the heck and then the thing stood up too on its hind legs and stared at her like what the heck also it was dark fur and yellow eyes and looked like a wolf but much bigger and was running toward her like a gorilla runs "like its fists in front of it thrusting it forward" and after the wolf like thing got closer and stood up it stared into my aunts eyes and same with my aunt and then it ran straight back into the woods whee it came from. She still wonders how it got away. There are a few neighbors around their house so she wonders why she didn't hear a gun shot or anything. She wonders if a portal of some sort opened up through different dimensions or something. She told her mom (my nana) after she ran inside but no one believed her. She is now around 40 years old she now told me and it seems close to what you've experienced. Thanks for posting this:) <Zack>

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