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How To Walk Out And Exchange With Someone Else


My question might sound weird but maybe someone can share similar experience and help. Ok the problem is that for a long time I have been feeling that I'm kind of stuck in this world and I shouldn't even be here anymore, as if I had it planned to stay here to a certain time or age and should have already been gone by now but I'm still here. It is so weird people, my life have literally stopped being kind of generated on its own, things have stopped happening, and I literally have to practically force every single thing, situation or event into existence. It is very hard to explain and even harder to live. As a psychic, empath, clairsentient "person" now the worst thing, basically extraterrestrial who is incarnated here for the first time from a place I remember to be almost 1 billion light years from here I cannot even synchronize with this world and way of living. I feel like my mission here is done, ever since I had started to feel this way, my life has stopped happening, being here does not make any sense to me anymore. So as a conscious being with clear mind I'm looking for a smart way out. I would never even consider suicide as I would not be able to hurt my body and destroy such a healthy well functioning vehicle plus I'm not allowed to terminate life in this way as I might get stuck here and then I would not be able to go back where I'm from. So I started to think about soul exchange, to be exact- how to exchange with someone else and basically leave this body for someone else to "use it". Is here anyone who could help with information about conscious walk out exchange that occurs during sleep? I really do not want any drama like accidents or illness involved. Please, if anyone can share any info or experience please comment. Thanks!:-)

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robmkivseries70 (1 stories) (57 posts)
6 years ago (2018-06-19)
Good Day Luminous,
I have been studying the work of Jose Silva who, by the end of his life, believed we were all sent here to improve conditions on planet earth. Perhaps, at some sort of deep level, you have something needed here on earth. It merits exploration in any case.

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