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A Dream Or Something Else?


Every other month for the past ten years I have events of dreams in the same order. The first one it me waking up in bed, everything seems normal but when I stand up I can't stop spinning, My feet aren't moving but I know it's me and not the world. I would walk around straight but I am still spinning and then I would go to the house where my friends use to live and it dark, not night time but dark. I would see my old friend and stop in front of them and everything is still spinning until he places his hands on my and he is spinning with me but I can see him clearly and the dream ends, but the other odd thing is that that house and neighborhood I haven't lived in years and both houses of mine and my friends aren't there anymore.

The next night I have a dream about school, not attending but walking down the halls. I would look out of the windows to see the day is going fast, turns night, then to day, then back tonight. When I arrive in my old homeroom classroom everything stops and my old teacher would walk in and give me a book, but before I could read it I wake up. My old teacher has been dead in years.

The last one its never pacific dream but the dream would come true the next day.

I am not religious but I am open-minded, my family is Catholic and has been all the way up to my great great grandmother. I do have an attendance to have other weird dreams that come to have something happen.

Like when I move into a new house I have a dream before the move day, I would be a child again with all of my siblings. My mm would take us to a large house where you can't tell how big it truly is inside. When she opens the door she looks at us and "Says there are many rooms in this house, go and pick one."

Now there is eight of us total, the youngest is still a toddler. Mom would take the little ones to go look when the five older one included myself will go look around. Everyone founds their rooms with ease but I would have trouble. Every room I go in I don't seem to like and seemed more fitted for the others, but thas not what I find strange at all, its the fact with every room I go in the century of the room changes and so do I. Then I come across a room to look as it was made in 1800s Victorian times my favorite century to learn about I walk to the bed and by the bedside is a picture of a woman with a man dressed in the century, at first I thought it was just a bunch of strangers but it was me and my friend, Andrue.

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Emotionlessthug (68 posts)
5 years ago (2019-06-13)
An Even

*An event*

Where the Artificial Intelligence shows you people that you never met in the actual environment, where the ghost of the emulation people shows resemblance of the person that the Artificial Intelligence characterized and especially how the AI remapped the buildings, houses, and shelters.
Emotionlessthug (68 posts)
5 years ago (2019-06-12)
Recording down the received reprogrammed dreams from the Supercomputers on a paper or on a note app will allow the person to interpret the dream sequences, because the dreams that the Artificial Intelligence simulates picks up after where it left off and picks up from the way it manages the human in the environment. The dream state of situations are very basic to understand, where the Artificial Intelligence introduces a person, an object, an even that represents how the AI will determine the next existing scene to established the occurrences. Premonition is the Artificial Intelligence showing the human being how it observes the copy of humanity to the person while in bed and times outside the bed in the walking environment.
Manuela (guest)
5 years ago (2019-01-28)
Hi Krisamity

Dreams come from subconscious mind, as a reflection of one's inner state, they come as messages from spiritual realm, they can show past lives/present/future premonitions... In symbols or through visions.
Anyone can give you directions or advice or opinion, but you're the only one who can decode your dream meaning cause dreams are individual (individually made).
While you're dreaming or when you wake up, your gut/heart/inner voice/inner feeling/intuition - (however you call it) - is already giving you clues which category your dream is. You just know/feel if it's a dream about something that bothers you, a premonition or a vision. If it's hard for you to discern that, then work a little bit on clearing your mind in order to hear your inner voice.
You can meditate, meditation is good cause it calms your mind and raises your vibration.
Another good thing is to write dream journal, so after reading it after some time you'll be able to find a dream pattern. Also, things become clearer after some time when you distance yourself a little bit.

For example, you've said that in one dream you have trouble finding your own room in a house. Is it possible that dream is a reflection of how you feel, maybe afraid or worried about moving into a new house and how you're going to settle there or you find it hard to express yourself and therefore to connect with others...
If you're interested in symbolic dreams, there are lots of dream dictionaries so you can explore dream symbols and find something that suits you. Again, nothing is to be taken for granted cause dream symbols are individual.

Since dreams are also very complexed and not easily understandable no matter how much attention we give to them, don't torture yourself over them. When & if the message is ready to 'hit' you - it will.

What is important for you in life in general is to listen to your inner guidance - it will show you the way and you'll know what to do.

Kind regards,

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