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Not sure if I'm in the right place or posting in the right area, but I wanted to know if anyone else has ever experienced something similar or knows someone who has. Sometimes when I think about things, they actually happen. It doesn't even have to be thinking, I can just say something and it will occur. I have a few examples.

1. When I was younger maybe around 14, I'm 35 now. I was at the library doing some research. I remember finding the book I needed and wanted to make a photocopy of one of the pages. One problem, I had no money. I searched everywhere in my little bag. All I needed was a dime and I didn't have anything. At that time I had a clear coin purse, which was empty. I remember feeling like man... I found this book and all I needed was a dime to make a photocopy. Something in me said check the purse again. When I did, there was a dime. I ended up making my copy and rushing out. But I've always wondered, where that dime came from. I knew without a doubt I had no money with me. The coin purse was empty.

2. Roughly 16 or 17 and on the phone with a friend planning our outing to an amusement park. I'm a planner so I remember telling my friend oh I\'m packing bandaids and Neosporin. I have lol at that now thinking back. She starts making fun of me and is like why would you pack all that stuff. I said, what if one of us gets hurt. She goes whatever and continues to make fun of me. I said fine, whatever. Your making fun of me now, but your going to be the first person asking me for a bandaid tomorrow. Of course she goes no and we laugh it off. Next day, we are at the park and guess who fell off the bus. She did. Her knee was scratched up and she was bleeding badly. I remember saying how did this happen and she said she didn't know, that it felt like someone pushed her. She then asked me for the bandaids and Neosporin which at this point, it occurred to both of us that I said she would be the first to ask me for one.

The next two examples occurred at ages 33 or 34. I was at the mall waiting in line to pay. Behind me was a family of three. The son who looked about three or four was strapped in a stroller and crying and both parents were busy talking and carrying on with someone. The line was long and the crying was getting louder. All I remember thinking was I wanted the crying to just stop. I turned to the little boy and sort of asked him what was wrong and why he was crying in a very low voice... Almost like I was talking to myself. The parents of course oblivious. The child didn't answer and continued to cry. I don't know, it was weird. I felt like I could hear the little boy mentally or whatever you want to call it and knew why he was upset. He was bored, being ignored and most of all he was wanted to get out of the stroller. So I said to him, I know your upset, and you want to get out of your chair, but from the looks of it your parents aren't going to be done anytime soon. So I need you to be a good little boy, stay in your seat, and stop crying. With those words, it felt like the entire room moved. Like it shifted and shifted back. The boy stopped crying. It was so sudden. So abrupt that his mom reacted concerned and rushed to look into the stroller. But he was sitting there. The mother turned to me because her son was staring at me and goes in a joking manner, can you follow us throughout the mall? The father on the other hand just looked at me. I felt like he knew something happened, but didn't know what.

The most recent example occurred during a period of time I was going for my third degree. I was actually waiting in my car for class to start. All day I remember thinking I was so tired and didn't want to go to class. Roughly 15-20 minutes before class, a car crashes into the back end of my car. The impact was so hard, I was knocked unconscious and my vehicle was pushed up onto the side walk from the street. Needless to say, I didn't go to class and wound up in the ER all night. I technically got what I wanted...

These are just some random examples, but I've also had dreams, and seen and felt things. From what I've been told, my mother has the same "gift" and has way better control over it, but never likes to talk about it. She explained using this "gift" when she was younger to get things. Being a selfish teen, but something bad usually occurred when she did. The way she explained it, you have to give something to get something. Say for instance you ask for money... Say the lottery. You'll get it, but the money doesn't just manifest... It comes from somewhere or someone. Basically, she stopped using it and won't speak about it, but says I have the same gift. She did tell me that I can help a lot of people and that is why we are here... She told me to always choose to do good, but be careful with the words I speak cause I can really hurt, if not kill someone if I choose to. Even now she tells me I was given the gift to help people and we are not alone. There are others apparently, but I don't know.

At this point, I'm just curious as to whether anyone has heard of this. I've tried to research it, and came across something called tychokinesis, but I'm not entirely sure if that is what this is. I also thought maybe I could be a natural witch, but then again I don't know. One of my friends who is Hindu and has witnessed some things, mentioned in her culture it was described as black/silver tongue. I just don't see how I can help others with this "gift" when I don't have control over it. I feel like it works when I have no intention of it working. And when I want it to work, nothing happens.

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hirayamanawari (1 stories) (1 posts)
7 years ago (2017-11-30)
Hi this happens to me a lot. Earlier this year my bestfriend and her husband is having a hard time having a baby. So as a gift to her on her birthday, I gave her a maternity dress and said that I know that she'd be pregnant before this year ends. And she found out she's pregnant of 4weeks last month.
And also I had two people who is dear to me in a separate occasion. They we're not very illed however theyre started coming in and out of the hospital. I was very sad to see them getting weak and ill. So the night before they're death I pray in my heart that I don't want these people suffer too much with their sickness so if they're time is close, make it sooner so it won't be difficult for them. The following day these people die in a separate occasion.
I could also vision people in their future and my future too. Everything that I imagine that would happen in my life when I was very young happened.
I don't know and I can't explain these things either. For how I see it it something like a will power. Just like what I've read in the bible that if you say that the mountain will move aside. It will move, if you have faith that it will. For how I see it, it's also something like that. However I dreamt about these three angels and explained to me that my purpose here is to guide people so I could get my wings back. Angels said that people needs me here. And also she said that God sent a lot of someone like me to guide humans. And she said that I was in hell before however God saw me praying in hell so he saved me and brought me here so that I could get my wings back.

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